At Johnson Consulting Group, the personal and financial success of funeral and cemetery professionals has always been our top priority. We understand that funeral service is of the utmost importance to our clients, which makes it just as important for our team. The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on the funeral profession, and we are proud to offer our unwavering support during these tough times.


COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund

The Memorial Classic, headed by Tom and Jake Johnson of Johnson Consulting Group, recently contributed $30,000 to the Funeral Service Foundation to help fund the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund for emergency assistance and grief support. The Funeral Service Foundation has served as the funeral profession’s philanthropic voice since 1945, building meaningful relationships with families and communities and offering compassionate care no matter the circumstances.


The Foundation created the fund as a timely response to the COVID-19 situation, and the program provides various grants:

  1. For immediate needs within funeral service including emergency response to significant loss of life.
  2. To organizations providing services and resources to families with unresolved and complicated grief due to loss during this crisis.
  3. For other important needs as funeral service continues to serve families during this rapidly evolving crisis.

“As long-time advocates of the Foundation we know that it’s even more important to give our full support during this very unique and challenging time,” said Tom Johnson (Founder of Johnson Consulting Group). JCG routinely donates to the Funeral Service Foundation’s annual Memorial Classic, but even though the event did not take place this year The Memorial Classic continues to be a strong ally of the Foundation.


Pillars of Support

The COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund is designed to be flexible, and grant funding is available for US and Canadian nonprofits as well as funeral homes and funeral service-related businesses working in conjunction with an exempt organization which agrees to serve as the fiscal agent for the grant. 

Funding priorities for emergency assistance include helping funeral homes secure personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies and reimbursements for volunteers traveling to help funeral directors in “hot spot” regions.

The Funeral Service Foundation is also focused on providing support for families coping with delayed or complicated grief. Grief is a unique and personal experience and we all grieve in our own way, however grieving the loss of a family member or a close friend during the 2020 pandemic has been particularly difficult. The Response Fund addresses this need by offering grief guides that detail the challenges of grieving a loved one alone and apart from family and friends (guides are available in English and Spanish). Mental health services are also available for funeral service professionals who are overworked and/or stressed from dealing with the public health crisis.


“What a gift of this size means, especially in a year when the event was cancelled really speaks to [the Memorial Classic’s] ongoing commitment to the funeral profession and the Foundation,” said Lee Wiensch, Executive Director of the Funeral Service Foundation.

Wiensch continued by saying that “(they) have been long time and giant supporters and we are so grateful for [their] gifts over time. [Their] gift this year means a lot especially during a difficult time. It helps us respond meaningfully to the COVID-19 crisis and continues to provide scholarships and the sorts of programs that funeral professionals need from the Foundation.”



Created for Partnership

The Memorial Classic and Johnson Consulting Group are both proud to partner with the Funeral Service Foundation in responding meaningfully to the COVID-19 crisis. “It’s our privilege to work with such a vital group of individuals and we are excited to continue our support of the Foundation and its mission for years to come,” said Jake Johnson (President/CEO).  


The Funeral Service foundation created a Thank You video for Tom and Jake Johnson’s contributions to the COVID-19 relief found. Click here to watch the full video.


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