What our clients have to say

We take great pride in building enduring relationships with our clients that bring them opportunity, success, and peace of mind. We understand that our clients look to us to provide a level of leadership and trust that will help them make good decisions for their customers, their communities, and their families.

I have been a client for many years. The experience and insight at all levels is top notch. Greg, Nelson, Bernie, and Vince are always responsive. They are a professional group of individuals that pay attention and listen to our needs.

JCG is the right fit for me and I would recommend them for coaching and sound advice!

3 words that come to mind about JCG are polite, assuring, and confident.

Mike Roberts

A few years ago, Nelson and Vince visited us to present an on-site training program for our management team. Since that time, we have sent new location managers to Scottsdale to participate in the program. The two most beneficial aspects are the personality assessments and the individual coaching.

The individual coaching that each participant receives from a Johnson Consulting mentor serves as an example of how to help people set specific goals and achieve them through follow-up and holding them accountable. This is a great benefit of the training and is very helpful for the managers as they coach the teams at their locations.

Russ Weeks

Johnson Consulting provide tremendous value as funeral home consultants. Our six location firm has benefited from their insight and coaching. We recently participated in their Leadership Management program in Scottsdale. It was well organized and had fabulous insight provided by Vince, Derrick and Nelson.

Jase Allen

I am writing to express our appreciation for the exceptional work carried out by Ryan and Nelson.

Their dedication and commitment to maintaining the financial integrity of our organization have been truly commendable. The meticulous attention to detail and the tireless efforts they invest in their work reflect their professionalism and passion for excellence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial management, Ryan and Nelson consistently demonstrate their ability to navigate complexities with finesse. Their contributions have significantly contributed to the success and efficiency of our accounting processes.

As we celebrate their continuing efforts with Thanos Group, it is only fitting to acknowledge the positive impact they have had on our team and the organization. Their teamwork, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities have undoubtedly elevated the standards of our accounting practices.

I am confident that their continued efforts will play a crucial role in the continued success of Thanos Group. We are congratulating Ryan and Nelson on their outstanding achievements and thanking them for their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to witnessing the continued success.

Gus Antonopoulos

Thanos Group LLC

Had to give Vince and Johnson Consulting a shoutout thank you again for the invaluable experience in Scottsdale with Dave Shank last March and May. Had to give credit where it’s due and hope to send some of my staff to see you in the future.

Hope all is well with you, sir. Thanks again for a meaningful experience last year!

Ren Scherling

Goes Funeral Care

Before the Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP), our company’s bonus payouts lacked consistency and transparency. I primarily decided on them based on what I considered a good quarter or year. However, with the ICP in place, it has eliminated any confusion among employees regarding the timing and eligibility for bonuses. Additionally, it has positively impacted our survey response rate, as the funeral directors now understand that a specific response threshold must be met for bonuses to be awarded.

The ICP is a vital tool that ensures bonuses align with company performance goals while remaining fair and attainable for employees. Once we’ve set the annual budget, my involvement is minimal until we receive the quarterly reports. These reports are invaluable for our quarterly reviews and decision making.

I highly recommend Johnson Consulting’s Incentive Compensation Plan. It has revolutionized our bonus approach, making it more meaningful and aligned with our company’s success. The customization, ease of management, and insightful reports make it an excellent choice for improving compensation structures.

Mark Parrish

Caldwell Parrish Funeral Home & Crematory

We have been with JCG for about four years. As we have expanded and grown we hired our own CFO and separated from JCG. After four months we realized we had made a mistake. I called JCG and explained what had happened and asked if they could help us out. Of course they did and with in four weeks they had everything caught back up for us. They have been terrific. Nelson and Niccole have been the biggest help to us, but I know there is a whole team working behind the scenes to keep us going.

Robert Nunnaley

Pines Funerals

Vince and Nelson did an outstanding job of facilitating the steering committee meeting. They treated our business as if it were their own. Their thoughtful input, suggestions, and comments were always very insightful and helpful. Please relay to them my heartfelt gratitude for their passion and dedication of making our operations and business the best. We look forward to implementing what we went over and becoming a better funeral service organization.

Chris Robinson

Robinson Funeral Homes

What a powerful and meaningful Customer Service Revolution retreat you facilitated for our team. We are already implementing our learnings to create powerful and meaningful experiences for our members.

Denise Zoephel

Selected Independent Funeral Homes

We turned to JCG for their expertise and guidance to help us transition the business which was the heart and soul of who we are…and left with so much more. We consider Karen a dear friend and are blessed to have had her leadership as we moved from ownership to retirement. We often remark that without Johnson’s support, we would still be mired in the process of finding the right successor owner for our business. Trusting JCG to navigate the way was, hands down, the best decision for our family.

Jen & Jim Hartenstein

Hartenstein Funeral and Cremation Care

Once we made up our mind to sell, Johnson’s were quick to market it and bring some favorable offers to the table. We appreciated Jake & Brian’s expertise in the transition and completion of the sale.

John and Amy Potter

Columbia Funeral Home & Cremation Center

To the Johnson’s and staff at Johnson Consulting, thank you so much. Throughout the process beginning with evaluation to closing you were there for me. Your industry expertise, connections with qualified buyers and your negotiating skills all proved invaluable in attaining a satisfying outcome both for me and the buyer. I would highly recommend your services and wish you all the best of luck into the future.

Jay McHenry

McHenry Funeral Homes

The importance of shared values

In David Rabenhorst’s words, it was very important for him to work with someone who shared his core values, and would at all times have his best interests at heart. We’ve taken great pride in always being there for David, and for guiding him through the sale of his funeral home business. It’s the kind of trust we strive to earn from all of our clients.

A partnership among friends

Rick Allnutt discusses his 20-year relationship with Johnson Consulting and how it evolved into a genuine friendship over that time. When Rick decided it was time to sell his funeral home business, he knew he could rely on our “honesty, knowledge, and experience” to ensure that the buyer checked all the boxes for Rick and his family.

We cover a lot of ground so you don’t have to

It’s been a pleasure to work with Brad and Trish Hansen. Through the years, we’ve provided support in various facets of their funeral home business. The Hansens have relied heavily on our Management Services and Performance Tracker software to help them operate more strategically while managing their continuous growth.

There for you from start to finish

Laurens Fish first turned to Johnson Consulting for help with his funeral home’s accounting needs. When Laurens decided to sell his business a few years later, he knew that he could rely on our expertise to guide him and his partners through the complex process. This “start to finish” approach is central to everything we do for our clients.

To operate a business you need the numbers

Tom Starks of Starks Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Services shares how JCG took his business’s financial operations to the next level. This included preparing his children to take over the family business as part of a comprehensive succession plan. For us, that was all part of a relationship based on friendship and trust.

We appreciate your sensitivity and understanding in regards to the difficult decisions we faced in choosing a successor to continue our family legacy.

David L. Rabenhorst
Rabenhorst Funeral Home

During the entire process I was very comfortable with the professional yet personal way details were handled and now that we’re finished I am very confident in the results.

Mark & Diane Musgrove
Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries

It was very important for us to work with someone who shared our core values, and would at all times have our best interests at heart.

Dave Martin
Martin Funeral Home

When we decided to take the next step for our business, there was only one company we considered to help us, Johnson Consulting. We have known the Johnson family for years and our respect and trust for them runs deep. Their team was excellent at keeping everything on track through closing and we greatly appreciate their expertise throughout.

Randy Schoedinger
Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation

Without question, I highly recommend the Johnson Consulting group and will always appreciate the initial help to get started from Tom Johnson.  In addition, Jake Johnson, Karen McCurdy, Simon Wong and especially David Adams all contributed to a smooth process. David Adams led the team that got us through the finish line.

Thomas M. Belford
John A. Gentleman Mortuaries

I am not much of a wordsmith, but I have been with Johnson for over 10 years and that is a testament in and of itself.

Jackson Lytle
Jackson Lytle and Lewis

Thank you guys so much for all your help, you did an amazing job.  Having you facilitate and using your system has tremendously helped us achieve our goals and help these kids and we are grateful.  Anything we can do to return the favor we are here for.

Loren Howard
Valley Guardians

What a powerful and meaningful Customer Service Revolution retreat you facilitated for our team. We are already implementing our learnings to create powerful and meaningful experiences for our members.

Denise Zoephel
Selected Independent Funeral Homes

We have used JCG for our annual strategic planning process for the past five years. It has been incredibly beneficial aligning us with our vision and focus to be poised for continued success. They really do a thorough job of leading this process. If you are not doing this I highly recommend you do so.

James H. Busch
Busch Cremation – Funeral – Pre-Planning

I would like to thank you all for the outstanding work you did in offering and selling our companies. We are very pleased with the results and enjoyed working with your team during all phases of this project. All of you have been extremely helpful, capable, and professional. If anyone asks us about our experience with Johnson Consulting, we won’t hesitate to highly recommend your services.

John Kirk Lighthouse Memorials & Receptions

Alexis was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, professional, efficient and provided clear, timely communication to keep the process moving forward. Your entire team has been impressive, offering the invaluable industry specific expertise and solutions for the transition of our family owned business to the next generation.

Teresa Fletcher
Fletcher Funeral & Cremation Services

Working with Johnson Consulting made it easier to continue running my business and knowing that the sale was given the utmost attention from Johnson Consulting. Extremely happy with the whole process. I give Johnson Consulting a 10 Star Rating!

Nancy Schroder
Fremont Chapel of The Roses

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