In Johnson Consulting Group’s recent E-Newsletter, we surveyed funeral professionals regarding their experience in dealing with Alternative Cremation and Burial Business Service Providers (Discount operations). This is what they had to say and some thoughts:

Do you have a competitor that actively markets alternative cremation and burial businesses? (discount businesses)
60% of those that responded said that they had a competitor that actively markets some type of discount business. This will be interesting to see if this percentage grows or declines with the economy and consumer preferences. Needless to say, but funeral professionals should actively review their value proposition to be sure both remain competitive in the marketplace.

Do you effectively compete with alternative services?
73% of those respondents felt like they do compete well with those alternative business competitors. For the other 27%, I would be curious what is being done or if it is too late!

What steps have you taken to keep families that are shopping?
We had a wide range of comments, here were a few notables:

  • Nothing
  • Differentiate our services and try to build a relationship with the family
  • PreNeed program
  • Offer a reasonable price
  • EXTREME personal service
  • Match prices and sell our value
  • Price shopper training and 10 minute call back
  • What can you do to compete with $275 direct cremation!

Are you considering opening your own to compete?
Comments: 71.4% of the respondents said they did not plan on opening their own business to compete.