This year’s summit is virtually impossible to miss

For four days in March (March 1-4, 2021), we will come together as we do these days, in a safe and socially distant atmosphere that makes the most of technology to connect, commune and thrive.  With breakout sessions, giveaways, and a hackathon, we’re offering events you want to put on your calendar right now.

This year’s theme—Embrace the New Confidence—shows you how bullish we are on 2021. We’ve had a rough year, but the worst is behind us. Join us for four days of progressive thinking and stimulating experiences all from the comfort of your own home.

There are many great reasons to join us for our summit this year, but here are the top 3.


We Are Innovative

Summit 2021 is all about the new wave and gaining confidence. We’ve taken a hard look at the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means to our profession and how it is perceived by the families we serve. We will have numerous sessions where the topic is woven into the many aspects of our business that it touches—from sales to personal wellbeing. The insights we’ve gained on COVID-19 will be dispensed throughout the four days, allowing you to connect them immediately to the four fundamentals of your business: customer service, workplace, marketplace and financial management.

To that end, we’re having two panels in particular that focus on the future. The panels include the perspective of young professionals. Again, we’ll touch on numerous topics—technology, care, work-life balance—and how young professionals are handling COVID-19.

On Wednesday, March 3, Jake Johnson will lead a must-see seminar on The New Confidence and the promise this year holds for our profession.

Each day also includes a personal wellbeing session to help you recharge, keep your mind clear and stay supercharged.


We Are Engaging

Social distancing measures continue to change the way we interact, but that doesn’t mean it has to reduce the benefits of getting together.

To show you what we mean, this year we’re including a hackathon, where you can team up to come up with the best solution to today’s pressing problems. You’ll think differently, feel challenged and rewarded, and learn things you didn’t know you needed to know.  Best yet, you get to present your ideas at the end of the conference. This two-part, two-day session will take you outside your comfort zone and prepare you for new ways of thinking.

But the communing isn’t all work. We’ll have happy hours and breakout sessions to get to know one another. To keep the conversation going, we’ll provide a chat box and social walls, where you can ask questions, share thoughts and address the speakers. The chat box and walls allow ample opportunity to discuss what you learned in a session, ask others how they plan to apply what they learned, and reach out to the speakers for clarification or congratulations.  Our goal is to provide those opportunities found at any conference—those moments you bump into someone and the ideas start flowing. Maybe you’ll have a virtual cocktail together.

We also know that everyone loves a prize, so this year we’re gamifying the event with daily winners and additional points for following our social channels. Best practices to win will be announced on day one, so don’t miss that.  Winners will be announced at the end of each day, so stay tuned in to see if your name is announced.


We Are Educational

Of course, you expect to learn something at a JCG Summit, and this year is no different. Over the course of four days, we will tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the funeral profession. We’re starting strong on day one with Resilient Organizations led by Rocky Ozaki. Day two is a power pack of educational seminars brought by thought leaders on topics from understanding the customer, the value of mentoring employees and financial stewardship. The energy never drops as day three brings a day laser focused on financial stability in changing times. Day four ends on a high note as we look toward the future with a panel discussion about what’s next for the funeral industry.

And these are just the highlights! Each day offers multiple learning sessions, multiple opportunities to add a new skill to your business and multiple ways to connect with old and new friends across the country.


Registration is open now. See you in March!

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