We sold our small funeral home on January 11, 2018. Karen McCurdy (Johnson Consulting Group) was the primary person we worked with. Karen was instrumental in helping us get our business sold!
From the beginning, Karen guided us step by step thru this process. Karen listened and advised us every step of the way.
Karen has a positive attitude and kept encouraging us on days when we became frustrated with the process. Karen was patience and explained everything as we went along on this journey. Owning a small business and having a limited budget, we feel it was worth every penny having Karen help us, We definitely wouldn’t have wanted to do this on our own!
Having Karen as the contact person that represented us allowed us to focus our attention on the families we were serving during this transition period. We were not bothered by inquiries that were not sincere. That saved us many many potentially wasted hours of our time. They had to go through Karen to get to us.
Johnson and Co. was recommended to me by an old classmate of mine from mortuary school. He had 3 funeral homes and a cemetery. So, they did a good job for me, who has a small firm and my buddy that had a lot to sell.