I have known Tom and Jake Johnson for many years.  We have used their services for accounting, acquisition analysis and financing, family surveys, and sales analysis for a long time and we relied upon them to help us sell our 132 year old family company.   We also used them for strategic planning and found it very beneficial in operating 13 locations in competitive environments.


Their proven system of gathering all financial and performance data for potential buyers was exactly what I needed to be sure we received a fair value for what we had spent a lifetime building.  The staff at Johnson Consulting Group were invaluable in their tireless efforts to make this happen smoothly, accurately, and with confidence.


The best possible transition of a five generation family business was what I was shooting for and they helped me accomplish this.  They put me in contact with potential buyers and through an exhaustive process we were able to select the buyer that best fit our needs. It was a great solution to get the equity out of my business and allow me to remain involved in a role in which I am comfortable.  One that keeps me in touch with my communities and the people we have served for so long.