Selling doesn’t have to be spooky

Thinking about your business exit strategy can feel like you’re walking in darkness without knowing what’s lurking around the next corner. Planning to sell your business doesn’t have to be so scary! Selling is just a part of the business cycle, and a little knowledge can go a long way in helping your feel safe when it comes to the unknown. With the right tools and expert guidance, there is plenty of light to brighten the pathway to your future.


Get going on your succession plan

When it comes to succession planning, the earlier the better. Putting together a proper timeline and a solid plan is the first step to a better future for you and your business. It can take time to thoroughly evaluate prospective successors to discover who is best suited to lead the business you have worked years to build. Assessing their aspirations and goals, as well as considering how well they will interact with future colleagues, clients, and partners can be a lengthy process, but it is well worth the wait to know your legacy will live on.


Time for an accurate valuation

There is no need to sell your business for less than it’s worth, which starts with an accurate valuation performed by a professional well-versed in the funeral home and cemetery services business. JCG’s experts have you covered. Even if you intend to sell to a friend or family member, properly assessing your business’s value is essential when it comes to market value distribution and transfer tax regulations. Your business’s cash flow, risks, and potential growth need to be assessed in order to give your potential buyers a realistic idea of profitability (and may even boost your profitability prior to sale). Knowing your business’s value allows you to exit with confidence.


Don’t settle for less than your hard work deserves

You want to feel good about your sale financially, but you also want to feel good about it on a more personal level. Once you know what your business is worth, use that knowledge and certainty to find and train the right successor. Don’t settle for less when it comes to money or the right leadership. This will take some time and effort, but curating a proper transition that takes your funeral home’s needs and goals into account is so important. Going this extra mile will leave you feeling confident not only about your exit but also about your enduring legacy.


Understand the tax implications of selling

A large part of financial assurance is having a comprehensive understanding of your business sale’s tax implications. Tax laws are complicated and ever-changing, so enlisting professionals who know the funeral home and cemetery business is especially essential at this stage of your selling preparation. Having outdated information or miscalculating an assumption can quickly lead to decreased profitability and even sabotage your sale. Know exactly what tax ramifications are on your selling horizon so that there are no chilling financial surprises in your future.


Ask the experts!

Regardless of whether you’re business sale is a decade away or creeping up quickly, it is time to bring in the professionals to help you put yourself in the best possible selling position. Be bold when it comes to your succession planning and your financial future, but don’t go it alone. Johnson Consulting Group is your partner in planning and is here to keep you safe and sound through all phases of the business cycle. Planning your exit strategy the right way and with the right professionals by your side can ensure your future isn’t haunted by bad decisions for years to come.

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