Building an exemplary funeral home legacy requires a creative and dedicated staff. Your employees need to be well trained—not just at the beginning of their initial work role, but throughout their tenure with the company. How much your funeral home staff knows and how effectively they apply that knowledge can make or break your firm. In the latest episode of Jake Johnson’s (President and CEO of the Johnson Consulting Group) “M&A Minute” video series, learn more about how to help your employees perform at their highest potential.


Why Employee Training Matters

Top business leaders understand that employee training is a key component of efficient management operations. In the funeral home industry, on-the-job training is often the default methodology as new staff learn how to engage with families and meet their needs in real time. However, opportunities for continuing education and professional development are also beneficial for long-term career and business growth.


Regular training gives your team a chance to learn creative work strategies, explore new technologies and network with other professionals. Educational and coaching opportunities also boost productivity, improve morale and encourage loyalty among staff. All of these benefits are crucial to building a valuable firm. As Johnson says, “When employees aren’t performing at their highest potential, then the business isn’t reaching its full value.”


High-Quality Training Tools

Investing in employee training helps hone customer service skills and can improve your funeral home’s competitive advantage. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. “There are tools out there that are designed to help with training—tools that find your employee’s weak spots, highlight their triumphs and help you be a better trainer,” Johnson says.


One such tool is the Johnson Consulting Group Performance Tracker, which is a complete customer management system that evaluates staff performance, tracks financial metrics, and helps you run a more profitable business. The JCG Performance Tracker provides valuable insight into employee strengths and challenges and helps management see what resources might be required to advance the team’s overall productivity.


To remain competitive in the ever-evolving funeral industry, our JCG experts can help you find ways to deliver continuous training and education to your employees and improve the value of your business—please contact us today.


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