In the latest episode of the “M&A Minute” hosted by Jake Johnson (CEO and President of the Johnson Consulting Group), the word is out about the upcoming JCG Summit 2021. This virtual conference promises four days of progressive thinking and stimulating networking sessions all experienced from the comfort of your home.


The theme of Summit 2021 is The New Confidence, which focuses on the new changes brought in by the new year and their anticipated effect on the funeral industry. After the unprecedented events of 2020, it’s evident that it’s time for something different and as the saying goes, “Change is the only constant.” If you aren’t ready for 2021, then it’s time to prepare yourself for the new wave of trends and transformations in the funeral home profession. “I recommend you ride this new wave, stay true to your business, but challenge yourself too,” says Johnson. “A great way to evolve your thinking is by reaching out to your peers or [networking] by attending an event.”


The JCG Virtual Summit takes place March 1 – 4, 2021. You don’t want to miss the conference’s interactive sessions which include:

  • Innovative speakers that teach design thinking to help funeral/cremation professionals develop agile mindsets and build resilient organizations.
  • Lively discussions with peers on how to navigate operational hurdles and take their business to the next level.
  • Hands-on coaching on how to listen and understand the Voice of the Customer, and how this feedback can help you retain customers and improve the value of product and services.
  • In-depth insights into the future of the funeral profession and how to maintain financial stability in a new normal.


Jake Johnson and the Johnson Consulting team created the M&A Minute to help business owners through the process of of buying or selling a business. The M&A Minute utilizes Jake and the JCG team’s knowledge to give advice that helps individuals feel confident and at ease when going through one of the most important times of their lives, selling or purchasing their most valuable asset. The M&A Minute is released every other Thursday. You can watch episode 5 now. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get M&A Minute updates.


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