The Johnson Consulting Group has been extremely helpful and supportive in helping me to understand how to manage my business and to work within a budget.

The Johnson accounting system has provided me with the type of real time record keeping that I need to run my business. With a very specific funeral industry chart of accounts I am able to get important details that I would not get with any other accounting company. It is important to me to know where my cash balances are at all times and this system helps me to manage that as well.

The support staff at Johnsons is all outstanding. They are all very knowledgeable, industry trained people. We can call them any time and get instant answers to any questions we may have.

One of the big benefits they provide is a month end review and analysis of my financial statements. I am able to go line item by line item with an operations specialist and learn to use these statements to manage and make decisions for my business.

I know that my style of managing a company has been different to say the least. I can appreciate the fact that as owners and managers of Funeral Homes, the Johnson Consulting Group has seen and heard it all and has a solution to most of what I will encounter. I respect the Johnson Consulting Group.

Linda Mitchell, Black and Clark Funeral Home, Dallas, Texas