Destination Arizona: Mark Your Calendar; Session One: March 6-7, 2024; Session Two: May 15-16, 2024.

Scottsdale Arizona becomes the No. 1 place to develop your leadership and management skills this fall with a two-semester, on-site Leadership and Management Program. This course is designed for new funeral home managers, soon-to-be managers, and even experienced managers looking for continued education and development.

This is the course to take in order to gain intensive, hands-on, experiential training. You’ll leave with actionable skills to implement as soon as you get home. Plus, you’ll have five weeks of coaching to help you implement them.

Each two-day, on-site session is followed by 3 individual coaching sessions to help you implement important parts of the course material at your own firm. These coaching sessions have ensured that each participant sees a positive impact at their location.

Still need more reasons to join the program this Fall? Here are the top 5 reasons to attend the JCG Leadership and Management Program.


1. Ongoing Leadership Development

Regardless of your management experience, continued leadership development is vital for every organization. This program will provide insights to your leadership style, how you communicate, and your personal motivators. Furthermore, you’ll learn how important principles of communication and motivation apply directly to areas of funeral home and cemetery management.

Here are just a few of the Leadership skills that receive in-depth attention:

  • Communication and Motivation
  • Decision Making Styles
  • Employee Development


2. Advance your Management Skills

Managing a sustainable and profitable funeral home or cemetery operation is no easy task. The second part of the Leadership and Management Program focuses heavily on the skills necessary to do so. Topics ranging from revenue generation to expense controls to budgeting are covered in this section. Managers learn about the levers they can use to keep their firm on-track financially in the midst of challenges and change.


3. Small Group Format

We facilitate both parts of the program in the Johnson Consulting Group boardroom, an intimate, executive setting that promotes discussion among participants. Join the conversation full of varying perspectives. Learn how larger businesses manage their caseload or how smaller businesses are innovating in the face of challenges. Take the time to network, meet new people, and develop long-lasting professional relationships.


4. Immediate Impact

Actual performance data for your funeral home or cemetery location is referenced as we cover the material of the Management section. This helps brings theory into practice for all participants. Additionally, the one-on-one coaching sessions ensure that you’ll have the support and accountability afterwards to implement the initiatives or goals you have for your business.


5. Open (yet Limited) Enrollment

Enrollment is open now, but seats are limited. Contact us today to reserve yours!


Leadership Sessions: March 6-7, 2023

Management Sessions: May 15-16, 2023



Leadership Development – Part ONE: March 6-7

2-days on-site at the JCG Conference Room followed by 5-weeks of One-to-One Coaching



  • Individual Leadership Assessment
  • Structured Communication
  • Motivation for Productivity
  • Collaborative Growth Culture
  • Decision Making Styles
  • Service Standards
  • Employee Development


Materials Provided

  • Leadership (DiSC) Assessment
  • Effective Meeting Templates
  • Organizational Chart
  • Roles and Responsibility Guidelines
  • Employee Manual
  • Service Standards Template



Business Development – Part TWO: May 15-16

2-days on-site at the JCG Conference Room followed by 5-weeks of One-to-One Coaching



  • Revenue Analysis including Projections, Average Sales Analysis and Alternative Growth Opportunities
  • Expense Controls and Budgeting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing Plan including Social Media
  • Advanced Planning Strategies


Materials Provided

  • Financial Benchmarks with Industry Standards
  • Revenue Budget
  • Accounts Receivable Cost Calculator
  • Competitor Price Comparison Tool
  • Marketing Calendar, Budget Tool and Preneed Production Tracker w/ Selling costs


Cost: $3,500. Travel expenses additional. One-on-One Coaching sessions included.


Contact the JCG team today to learn more about the Leadership and Management Program.