Scottsdale, AZ [November 2019] – Johnson Consulting Group is excited to announce new features through Performance Tracker that will help cemetery businesses evaluate their numbers each month.

Performance Tracker will now send cemetery clients two automated monthly updates including a sales and survey summary. Cemetery businesses will be able to view and compare their monthly and Year to Date (YTD) statistics, including their total versus budgeted calls, as well as sales and sales averages through the sales summary report. They will also be able to view their average sales per case type by budgeted and actual amounts. The sales summary report will also detail YTD statistics of burial, cremation, calls, overall sales and averages. Businesses will be able to view their top arranges by name, sales average and number of cases.

Cemetery businesses will also be automatically alerted of their survey summary statistics. The survey summary details the YTD number of surveys received versus the number of surveys sent. Businesses will be notified upon receiving negative scores, perfect scores, personal stories or a new lead. Leads will be broken out into headstones and markers, bereavement, community events, prearranged funeral or cremation services, additional cemetery spaces and other variations.

Get your monthly tracking, as well as a YTD overview with Performance Tracker’s summaries!

“We are pleased to provide our cemetery clients with two monthly summary email reports. The survey summary highlights the prior month and YTD performance with key statistics about the customer’s experience. The contract analysis summary provides a recap of the prior month and YTD contract count by type (burial: graves, mausoleum, estates; cremation: graves, niches, scattering) including a stack ranking of the top arrangers’ performance. These summary reports provide an overview of the performance of the cemetery, and it is recommended that additional reports are reviewed in the Performance Tracker software to understand all the details. Please reach out to our Performance Tracker team as we are happy to assist with accessing and reviewing the robust reporting available.”

– Lawrence W. Michael, Sr. Business Consultant

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Performance Tracker is the complete customer experience management tool that evaluates staff and financial performance, streamlines success plans and improves your bottom line.

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