Phoenix, AZ – Johnson Consulting Group’s influence in funeral service continues to grow as the company’s line of services and products increases as does their client base, which was evident at the fifth annual “Summit” conducted at the Kierland Westin in Phoenix, February 17, 18 and 19.

“The annual Summit allows our clientele to meet one another, and to share success stories, including projects JCG has assisted them with. We also invite prospective clients as a means of introducing them to our services, but to also collectively refine all of our understanding as to how a modern funeral business should be operated. Accomplishing this is a matter of inviting informed speakers, and an energetic schedule that challenges their thinking.” Jake Johnson, President of Johnson Consulting Group.

Building volume is fundamental to any successful funeral business today as profit margins continue to shrink from cremation and other factors. JCG addresses that challenge on a number of fronts, including Accounting, Customer Surveying, Incentive Compensation Programs, Business Brokering and much more. Many of the over 50 people in attendance have utilized JCG’s services as a means of strengthening their core businesses.
“…The Summit was another home run for all in attendance…We all know that change is not only coming, it is here and only those who embrace and welcome change and the uncertainty that comes with change have a chance to not only survive, but to thrive. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new and interesting folks in our business and listen to the various ways they analyze the problem and their solutions.  As usual, I was not disappointed with content or presentation.  Both were spot on with an interesting mix of folks.” Michael Meierhoffer, Meierhoffer Funeral Home and Crematory, St. Joseph, MO”

The Summit’s roster invited speakers include:

Kim Ryan
President, Batesville Casket Company

Mike DiBease
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Batesville Casket Company

Melanie Loyd
In It For Life

Glenn Gould
MKJ Marketing

Jake Johnson, Al Asta, and Greg Hilgendorf
Johnson Consulting Group

For additional information on Johnson Consulting Group’s services, and for an invitation to future JCG “Summit” conferences, contact JCG at 888-250-7747.