Johnson Consulting Company started its customer survey program in 2008 and has experienced rapid growth every year since. In 2014 they surveyed over 140,000 families that had experienced a death across the USA and Canada. This large amount of survey data has proven invaluable to providing insight into customer needs and satisfaction. It also allows for standards of excellence benchmarking based on call volume, geography, demographics, ethnicity and business type. The company attributes its rapid growth to its ability to offer the program with no contract to sign, a low monthly cost and accessibility to its management professionals for interpretation and usefulness of the reports. Jake Johnson says “It is imperative to have a means to measure the services a funeral home provides to its families served and to have actionable reports to act on when necessary. Our client funeral homes get that with Performance Tracker and more.” JCG Performance Tracker also has a sales analysis component that when tied to the survey measurement provides an all in tool to help manage your business. “We find more and more of our customers are taking the next step and using the data to implement our incentive based compensation program along with these results. Combined, these are powerful tools for promoting high levels of customer satisfaction and average sales at client funeral homes.”

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