Scottsdale, AZ (June 6, 2019) — Johnson Consulting Group is excited to announce new and exciting features through Performance Tracker™ that will help funeral and cemetery businesses stay connected to the families they serve.

For nearly a decade, JCG Performance Tracker™ has been providing and reporting accurate measurements of customer satisfaction and sales performance through the power of surveys. With around 171,400 sales contracts and 123,000 surveys analyzed annually, JCG is able to benchmark industry standards for funeral and cemetery professionals to identify strengths and weaknesses, and establish actionable measures to improve their businesses.

The stay connected features include three key enhancements to our At-Need Surveys:

  • Follow up sympathy cards
  • Mobile survey
  • Other Texting Capabilities

The first of these features launching is the #StayConnected follow up cards. JCG Performance Tracker™ will now send a sympathy card right after services (paired with the traditional JCG Survey), along with a holiday card, and a remembrance card throughout the year. Businesses have the option to choose from four uniquely designed sets.  This add-on is now available for any Performance Tracker™ user at a discounted rate through the end of August!

“All of these features we are adding to Performance Tracker will not only help these businesses build relationships with the families they serve, but it helps build resiliency,” says Kate Cowger, JCG’s Director of Technology, “It keeps the lines of communication open, and shows that we are stronger together.”

The texting features and mobile survey are currently being tested at a beta location and are projected to be released by the end of Q2.


“Our goal by adding these new features is to increase online reviews of the businesses we serve,” says president of Johnson Consulting Group, Jake Johnson, “And now that so much of what we do is mobile facing, it will make it easier for those families to share their experience online.”

For more information about #StayConnected, and JCG Performance Tracker™, reach out by email to

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