Funeral Home Accounting Consultant, Johnson Consulting Group
To Open New Funeral Home Accounting Building


Scottsdale, Arizona

Top Funeral Home Accounting Company, Johnson Consulting Group, Rapid Growth prompts New Building for Funeral Home Accounting Division

Jake Johnson, President, and CEO of Johnson Consulting Group cut the ribbon today for their new accounting building which will house accounting staff led by Johnson Consulting Group’s CFO Berny Gaarsoe.  The building parallels their main office, home to the Mergers & Acquisition team, the Funeral Home Management Team, administrative and support staff.

Berny Gaarsoe brings extensive experience to Johnson Consulting’s financial & Accounting Service having served as chief financial officer for several large corporations.  His areas of expertise are Corporate Finance, Accounting Systems – Implementation and Financial Statement Preparation, Budgeting and Forecasting, Tax Planning, Risk Management, and Governmental Regulation Compliance.  Berny has extensive deathcare industry experience, having created the financial management systems for two large funeral home and cemetery companies.  Under Mr. Gaarsoe’s direction, Johnson Consulting has created a web-based accounting system, using exclusive death care industry software that allows independent funeral homes to control cash flow, create accounting reports, maintain budgets and access comprehensive tools for effective management of their funeral operations.

Jake Johnson quickly earned respect throughout the funeral and cemetery industries.  He  is known as an innovator, change agent and thought leader.  Jake’s success is based on his unique ability to identify simple solutions to  complex business problems and communicate across all levels of the organization.  His strong foundation in accounting, financial analysis, and EBITDA forecasting is complemented by technology savvy and broad general management qualifications in business development and operations.  As President and CEO at Johnson Consulting, Jake provides innovation for the company’s rapid growth.  Johnson Consulting Group is recognized as the premiere provider for Comprehensive 360° solutions within the funeral industry.

Funeral Homes find Johnson Consulting Group a welcome relief to their accounting headaches.  One client puts it like this: “Johnson Consulting Services don’t cost me money – they make me money!”.

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