SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, May [19], 2014 – Phoenix, AZ – Johnson Consulting Group, the death care industry leader in mergers and acquisitions, worked closely with David W. McComb and the DW McComb Group on its recent acquisition of Inman Shipping Worldwide, the nation’s foremost international shipping service, serving funeral directors through the United States, Great Britain, the Caribbean and beyond.

DW McComb Group is a newly formed holding company which will oversee and manage a number of subsidiary companies focused on serving the funeral service profession on a global basis, including Inman Shipping Worldwide.

“As a leader and pioneer within its segment, Inman Shipping Worldwide is an ideal fit for the DW McComb Group,” said Jake Johnson of Johnson Consulting Group. “David has built his career by serving his fellow man, which is how Robert and Marilyn built their business over the past 35-plus years. We are honored to have played an integral part in bringing these two great names in funeral service together.”

David W. McComb is a licensed funeral director and fourth-generation co-owner of D.O. McComb & Sons Funeral Homes, a family of seven funeral homes managing 1,500+ calls per year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In addition to serving as the CEO of the DW McComb Group, David McComb is a successful entrepreneur and investor, including holdings covering a wide range of products, services and segments within the funeral service profession, including pre-need planning software, online obituaries and logistics.

With its network of superior embalming specialists and patented air shipping container, Inman Shipping Worldwide has been – and will continue to be – an innovative leader in funeral service shipping. With its acquisition of Inman Shipping Worldwide, DW McComb Group can now offer a full spectrum of shipping and logistics services to funeral directors on a global scale.”

“When working with buyers and sellers in acquisitions like this one, it’s as much a blending of corporate cultures and individual personalities as it is arriving at a mutually acceptable dollar figure,” explains Tom Johnson, chairman of JCG. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation and position in the death care industry not by just making deals, but by creating long term successful mergers where each side emerges successfully, both on the short term and the long term.”

“The team at JCG was instrumental in making this acquisition possible,” added David McComb. “It was a long, thorough process, and their expertise, insights and service were invaluable. Indeed, Tom Johnson’s knowledge of the businesses, and his personal relationships with the various individuals made this deal come together.”

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