Johnson Consulting Group Announces Significant Acquisitions

Phoenix, AZ – Jake Johnson, President of the Johnson Consulting Group (JCG), the death care industry’s premier succession planning and acquisition specialist, has announced two large-scale corporate acquisitions. According to Mr. Johnson, “These acquisitions are significant, not because of their scale, but because they occurred in an economic environment when deals of this type are not suppose to happen. Many would be acquirers are experiencing difficulty lining up financing while others are pessimistic about the death care industry. None the less, buy using our proprietary analysis and marketing system, JCG was able to facilitate lucrative financial packages for both sellers.”

The Fuller Funeral Services, located in Naples, Florida, was founded by Mike Fuller in 1996. Fuller Funeral Service is the leading funeral and cremation provider in Naples performing approximately 1,800 funerals and cremations annually from four locations. The firm was acquired by Carriage Services. Fuller Funeral Services was represented by Johnson Consulting Group.

Palm Mortuaries and Cemeteries is the leading funeral, cremation and cemetery services provider in Las Vegas, Nevada with a market share greater than 50%. The firm performs approximately 6,700 funerals and 2,550 cemetery cases annually from eight funeral locations and five cemeteries. The Johnson Consulting Group represented Ken Knauss and family in the divestiture of Palm Mortuaries and Cemeteries to Service Corporation International.

Johnson Consulting Group, founded in 1998, provides business appraisal services to funeral home and cemetery owners nationally, often in conjunction with the formulation of succession plans. The Johnson Consulting Group team of financial analyst has assisted hundreds of death care business owners to sort out their priorities so as to allow them to make sound, long-term business decisions.

According to Jake Johnson, “We consider our role in assisting a family in the divestiture of their business as a significant act of trust. Our clients represent some of the largest death care businesses in the industry, both as sellers and buyers. Our team of recognized business consultants work with our clients to realize the largest selling prices for their businesses. The sale of a family business, when it represents their single greatest financial asset, is not a process that should be taken lightly, and should not be accomplished alone. It’s a one time deal that must realize its maximum potential.”

“Just as important as the selling price, is how much of that the seller actually keeps. The US and state tax codes are shifting as the country works its way through the worse recession in nearly a century. Understanding the intricacies of the tax codes as well as the seller’s priorities is what makes JCG the choice of knowledgeable death care business owners.”

For additional information about the Johnson Consulting Group, visit their website at or telephone them at 888-250-7747.