Scottsdale, AZ (February 7th, 2019) — Johnson Consulting Group is excited to announce Lori Salberg as Director of Business Development, with a focus on technology, accounting, and business consulting solutions. Lori joined Johnson Consulting Group in December of 2017, and has quickly made a significant positive impact on the company, and the Clients she serves.

“We continue to build a sales team with the specific purpose of providing the best tools and services for our growing list of funeral homes and cemeteries,” says President and CEO Jake Johnson, “Lori adds to our incredible team with experience in technology, business consulting, and accounting. She has a great entrepreneurial spirit that will help take us to new heights. I am very excited for the future with her in this role!”

Salberg has seventeen years of experience in various leadership roles including managing large combo Funeral Home and Cemetery operations. She got her start in the profession as a Family Service Counselor for the Catholic Cemeteries in San Jose.

“This new opportunity perfectly combines everything I am passionate about,” says Salberg, “I have a desire to educate and serve others, a deep appreciation for this profession and I enjoy guiding clients to finding intelligent business solutions for their firms. It’s a perfect fit.”

In her new position as Director of Business Development, Lori will continue to educate and develop relationships with JCG’s diverse clientele. She will guide funeral directors, owners, and arrangers through a wide variety of services offered by Johnson Consulting Group to find the best personalized fit tailored to each firm. In addition, she joins JCG’s leadership team to grow the business by creating relationships with outside suppliers and develop new products and services.

“We are fortunate to have Lori as a member of our Leadership Team,” says Johnson Consulting Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Casey, “Lori’s operational background and knowledge of the funeral and cemetery profession has brought a level of expertise to our Clients in identifying personalized solutions for any operational, technological need. She also brings great suggestions to clients regarding market place positioning and financial management.”

Interested parties can reach Lori Salberg in her new capacity as Director of Business Development at

Johnson Consulting Group is committed to providing intelligent business solutions that address operational and financial needs within funeral homes and cemeteries. By creating personalized partnerships with these professionals to streamline their systems and processes, it allows them to save time and focus on what matters. Our solutions include business brokerage & valuations, technology, employee growth & incentive programs, financial management & accounting services, loans, professional consulting and coaching, online training, and much more.

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