We began our professional relationship with JCG not knowing how to navigate the sale of our fifth-generation funeral service business. Not only did the JCG team exceed our expectations and companion us beautifully through the process, their ethic and level of professionalism proved that exceptional service and care really *do* exist in today’s world.

From our initial conversations with Jake to our countless meetings with Karen, it became evident that JCG represents the gold standard in funeral home brokerage. Karen and her team were meticulous in gathering and analyzing data and always had great suggestions to help us present our business in a way that would attract the right buyer. After serving our community for 132 years, our family was determined to pass the torch to another independent owner, and JCG stayed the course to help us find just the right successor who shared our philosophy on caring. Karen also listened and advocated for us so that our ultimate goal of retaining our staff could be realized. And, her attention to detail, follow through, and positive attitude are beyond remarkable. On days when we became frustrated with the process, she was there to lift us up and reassure us that the right buyer would come along; one who would celebrate our heritage and honor our legacy.

We turned to JCG for their expertise and guidance to help us transition the business which was the heart and soul of who we are…and left with so much more. We consider Karen a dear friend and are blessed to have had her leadership as we moved from ownership to retirement. We often remark that without Johnson’s support, we would still be mired in the process of finding the right successor owner for our business. Trusting JCG to navigate the way was, hands down, the best decision for our family.

With many thanks…