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Scottsdale, AZ [October 2020]

Johnson Consulting Group is excited to announce the launch of its new sister company, J3Tech Solutions (J3Tech). With an innovative tech-driven focus, J3Tech is committed to creating user-friendly, intuitive and dynamic digital solutions within the funeral home and cemetery profession. J3Tech has dedicated resources to building cutting edge tools for success within the digital landscape.

“It’s not news that consumers are now planning their functions online and through applications: parties, weddings and appointments – we are a completely society,” says Johnson, “Our goal through J3Tech is to create platforms that easily integrate into consumers’ everyday lives.”

Among this talented team is Director of Technology, Lori Salberg, an executive and leader with proven success in the development of SaaS cemetery software programming and technical solutions. Lori has the pulse on the profession with over 19 years of funeral home and cemetery experience that drives her passion to define and develop technology solutions within the space.

Salberg has built a team of highly skilled individuals specializing in account management, innovation and analytics. In addition, the team includes cutting edge developers that are excited to rollout the completely retooled Performance Tracker.

“Jake’s mission for our team is at the forefront of everything we do – deliver solutions designed to solve problems, create efficiencies, and produce the analytics needed to make data-driven decisions,” says Salberg, “ We spend every day finding ways to provide our clients more time and value to better serve their communities.”

Johnson continues his quest to evolve the way in which technical products and data-driven solutions elevate today’s funeral and cemetery businesses. With a dedicated team at the forefront, J3Tech will anticipate and identify market trends and will create digital technology solutions within the funeral and cemetery profession.

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Johnson Consulting Group is committed to providing intelligent business solutions that meet business owners wherever they are in their business life cycle. Whether you want to grow your business and enterprise value or plan your exit strategy, JCG can assist. With the launch of our new sister company, J3Tech, we are confident and excited to lead the profession in technological development. For more information on J3Tech and JCG’s partnership, reach out to and stay tuned for more information.