Serving the community since the early 1900s, this firm was actively committed to growing and evolving with the needs of their community, making them a staple and a familiar face to the families in their surrounding towns. As time went on, they expanded their services to two locations as the town continued to expand. Through each and every transition, this firm held the love for their community and families above all else. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff, stunning facilities, and fair pricing made them a stand out firm in the profession.

In the early 1950s, the original owner retired and sold the firm to a new owner who has continued to be part of this special community providing guidance and actively serving families ever since.

The Situation

This owner knew selling was in his future, but also knew there were a few things that needed to be taken care of before he went down that road, the first being getting his finances on track and organized. His initial engagement was with JCG’s accounting services where he worked with their experts to help manage his expenses.

This owner also had some issues internally that required addressing before he could sell. He used J3Tech’s Performance Tracker X to get a true look at his business so he could clearly see what areas needed improvement.

When it was time to start down the path of selling, the owner reached out to JCG for their brokerage services. It was important that whoever the new buyer was would understand the role they played in their community and would continue that legacy. They also of course wanted top dollar for their business, and needed a team that would negotiate professionally and advocate for their best interest at all costs.

After learning all of this critical information about the owner, firm and community, it was time for the JCG team to determine the full valuation for their firm.

The initial valuation of this firm was between 4.4M – 4.8M before working with JCG in 2019.

To determine Starting Value, JCG used the following criteria:

  • Thorough analysis of their past, present and projected sales
  • Detailed market assessment including demographic trends
  • Detailed study of historical death trends for their market
  • Analysis of all critical and non-critical assets
  • Thorough review of minimizing taxes
  • A thorough study of their payroll, compared to profession standards
  • A review of purchase structures before going to market
  • Review of their financial statements to determine future projected cash flow
  • Inventory and excess acreage needs for their businesses
  • Consideration and discussion of life after the deal
  • Review to ensure successful retirement.


By the end of 2021 after working with JCG’s business consultants and accounting team, this firm’s value increased to between $6-$6.5M.

The Solution

This firm got the benefits of working with JCG’s experienced brokerage team. This meant having a custom marketing package put together with the exact information that would get buyers attention and interest to maximize value that is above and beyond what a seller could achieve on their own.

JCG worked to get this firm in front of multiple buyers under a structured and confidential process. The result of this process combined with the prior work generated an extraordinary offer well above their initial valuation.

Final Purchase Price: $7.3 Million Dollars

The Results = Increased Value

This client was able to increase their profitability with the help of JCG’s experienced consultants, accounting team, as well as utilizing the Performance Tracker X software. This allowed the client to be set up to get top dollar when they were ready to sell.

By taking the needed steps guided by JCG, this client was able to get an offer that was over $3 million over their initial valuation in a final purchase offer!

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