When my husband, William Ready, died in 2000 I inherited 2/3 of Ready Funeral Services, Inc., and my daughter, Michele, 1/3. The business consisted of three funeral homes and a crematorium. Two years later I built a new state of the art crematorium. Three years ago Michele came to me and said she would like to purchase my shares…I contacted the Johnson Group through the assistance of a good friend, Ed Varney, who was employed with Batesville Casket Company as a sales rep…I was put in touch with their representative Bill Cutter whom I communicated with on a weekly basis by email or telephone. By May of this year Bill had a complete proposal prepared ready to go to market…The end of the story is I received all of my money up front, my daughter now owns the business and this never would have happened without the hard work of Bill Cutter and the Johnson Group…

Jane Ready

Ready FuneralĀ & Cremation

Burlington, VT