Every day more consumers are using the internet as their starting point when searching for goods and services. According to Pew Research, 85% of people are carrying a smartphone. Today, your funeral home website is quite often going to be the first impression your company gives to a potential customer. It needs to be a good one.


In this blog, we share five simple ways to make sure your website functions as the front door to your business and keeps your digital doorbell ringing regularly.


  1.  Keep it simple.

More than half of web users give a website about 15 seconds to capture their attention. That’s not much. Copy and content that is clear, concise, and to the point helps considerably. Your homepage should be inviting and informative without being heavy and overwhelming.

  1. Update, update, update

Old content is a really easy way to lose a potential customer through your funeral home website. Set aside time regularly to review and update content as needed. Delete old content, add new or rotate customer reviews, and make sure images and videos look fresh.

  1. Make sure it’s easy to contact your funeral home        

How to contact someone in your funeral business should be the easiest thing to find on your website and should exist in more than one place.

  1. Your ‘About Us’ page goes a long way

Invest time on your ‘About Us’ page. The funeral profession is one that thrives on comfort and trust. Helping people feel like they know you and your values can definitely lead to a new customer.

  1. Be mindful of when your website needs an upgrade

The web is a constantly evolving creature. There is always something new or a feature your website could benefit from that wasn’t available when you created the site. Things like search functionality, SEO, and being in ADA compliance, should always be on your website maintenance and upgrades list.


Trusted Johnson Consulting Group partner, Funeral Results Marketing (FRM), can help with all the above and more when it comes to your website. FRM is a digital marketing company dedicated solely to the funeral profession, specializing in marketing websites and tools for funeral homes, cremation businesses, cemeteries, and pet cremation businesses.