The satisfaction of shipping loved ones home for a funeral has seen a steady decline since 2018, even before the pandemic.(Johnson Consulting Group research Trends, and Insights see page 44). According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s estimated that over 200,000 cases annually involve the transfer of a loved one over 300 miles for funeral services. This decline in satisfaction can be attributed to various factors, including the airline industry’s reduction and alteration of routes, as well as increased government red tape involving death certificates and staffing issues at health authorities.


One potential solution to increasing satisfaction would be to have a dedicated person for shipping loved ones, but this could prove to be costly. Another approach would be to engage an experienced third-party entity experienced in shipping loved ones for ceremony. This solution involves dealing with a company that understands the intricacies of shipping within every state of the country, as well as with consulates and embassies in other countries remarks David W. McComb owner of Inman Shipping Worldwide the industry’s largest and most experienced transportation entity.


Johnson Consulting Group with the leadership of Jake Johnson, has been instrumental in producing survey results that illustrate the decline in customer satisfaction with shipping loved ones home for ceremony. It’s clear that addressing the challenges associated with this process requires collaboration with experienced entities and leveraging comprehensive survey data.


By navigating the evolving landscape of shipping loved ones home for ceremony, it’s essential to prioritize expertise and insights from organizations such as Inman Shipping Worldwide and the Johnson Consulting Group. This ensures that the challenges associated with this process are addressed, ultimately restoring satisfaction and tranquility to families during their most delicate and challenging moments.



About Inman Shipping: Worldwide – your seasoned shipping professional

Let them be your transportation department!

Time!  It’s something we never seem to have enough of and this is especially true for funeral directors.  Staffing shortages across the country mean funeral directors are working longer and harder to serve their families.

When they need to bring a loved one home for ceremony,  they can spend what can be hours on the phone coordinating the shipment and then if they run in to issues with the shipping funeral home or airlines is just more TIME!

Instead, they can contact Inman Shipping Worldwide and allow Inman to be their transportation department.  Dave McComb, is the CEO of Inman Shipping and is also a fourth generation funeral director.  He understand the needs and demands funeral directors face every day.

Inman has been serving the death care industry since 1978 and has established a network of over  750 vetted service providers.  In addition, air transportation is coordinated with their sister company Eagle’s Wings Air (EWA).  EWA is the largest shipper of human remains of all the airlines.  If something goes wrong, we have the cell numbers of all the airline cargo managers and go to work on your behalf.

Inman’s state-of-the-art software allows for constant monitoring of all shipments for the convenience of the receiving funeral home.

Shipping human remains is a process that involves complying with a variety of legal requirements and can vary across the country and around the world.  As the largest and old repatriation company in the country, Inman is a seasoned transportation specialist.

Spend your time where it’s the most important – serving your families and let Inman Shipping Worldwide be your transportation provider.

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