Back in the day, funeral homes could rely solely on their reputations. Through years of building relationships with families, they could maintain a healthy and lucrative business. With the rising popularity of alternative burial services––with cremations becoming the norm––new funeral homes are popping up, and the competition is intensifying, even in smaller markets.

Because of this, it’s time for funeral businesses to start thinking outside of the box. To make sure that your community knows who you are and the services you offer, you’ll want to adopt these modern funeral home marketing ideas.

Social Media (Behind the Scenes)

If you haven’t already created social media accounts––or your existing profiles are gathering dust––then it’s time to rethink your approach to this valuable media. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok, social media offers you to connect with potential clients before they ever book a service.

The best business social media accounts work to humanize a business. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Perhaps you could post photos and profiles of key team members to demonstrate their expertise. Alternatively, you could post video walkthroughs of your facilities, giving people an up-close view of your grounds. 

A great example is a Syracuse-based mortician, Eileen Hollis, who populates her TikTok profile with Q&A videos, post-mortem makeup demonstrations, and interviews of coworkers. 

Even if you don’t have the vivacious charisma of someone like Hollis, you surely have the expertise that can interest viewers. People are inherently fascinated by death, and they’re curious about the work that you do. One easy way to start would be through live Q&A sessions on the social channel of your choice. This way, you can start developing your digital voice and engaging with those in the community. 

Blog Content 

Similar to social media usage, blog content can also go a long way towards both humanizing your business and interesting readers. By filling a blog with useful articles and guides, you’ll not only demonstrate your knowledge, but you’ll also boost your position in Google search rankings.

Builds Trust

A well-written blog section on your website helps members of your community to trust you. If they visit your page and see informative writing, they’ll be more likely to have faith in your services. 

Additionally, a blog section can help you secure business partnerships. Consider linking to local businesses that are likely used by your clients, like florists, senior homes, and hospice agencies. 


Nowadays, when a person needs funeral arrangements, they’ll most likely hop on Google and search: funeral home near me (or something similar). Because of this, it’s essential that your business’s website appears near the top of these search results. After all, studies show that less than 1% of searchers will click a link past the first page.

While optimizing your SEO is a multifarious and time-consuming process, a blog section is one of the simplest ways to get started. By populating your page with helpful content, Google will be more likely to send users your way. To get started, consider funeral-adjacent topics that might interest your community.

Some topics to consider:

  • How to Write a Meaningful Eulogy
  • Discussing Death with Children
  • Alternatives to Traditional Funeral Arrangements

Multi-Purpose Content

When you create useful blog posts, then you should share them through your social media channels and any other form of outreach like newsletters. When implemented effectively, your content will simultaneously humanize your business while demonstrating your expertise. 

Monthly Newsletter

Similar to doctors, teachers, and police officers, funeral directors are a vital part of their communities. If you aren’t already leveraging this, you should start sending out a monthly newsletter with valuable information for the community, whether or not they currently need your services. 

When disseminated through print or email, a regular newsletter can do wonders when it comes to keeping your brand at the top of people’s minds. This can be especially useful when it comes to increasing preneed sales. It can also help engage your community, allowing them to stay abreast of any updates to your services. 

Upcoming events, featured columns from team members, and memoriam sections for those who’ve used your services can all be great additions to your newsletter. Additionally, you could consider including more lighthearted moments, such as an advice column from the funeral director’s desk. 

Be sure to always include your contact information in the newsletter. Similar to social media, your newsletter provides another way for people to connect with your funeral home, making them more likely to choose you when they need it.


Testimonials and Reviews

In addition to a blog––which effectively serves as the funeral home’s words––you’ll also want to include a section with voices of the community. An effective way to do so is by incorporating family testimonials and reviews on your website. When a visitor sees real, satisfied accounts of your services written by community members, they’re more likely to trust your team. Almost like a virtual referral, positive reviews hold a convincing power.

Additionally, reviews on social media and Google have a two-fold effect. While positive reviews certainly steer people towards your business, they can also have an impact on your rankings in Google. Both the number of reviews and their average score correlate heavily with a business’s position in Google searches.

If your business has yet to receive sufficient Google reviews, then you should consider tactfully soliciting such feedback from families. One way to do so is through Performance Tracker. This tool can help you solicit Google reviews and survey responses from your families, allowing you to gain valuable insight into where your business excels and stands to grow.

Funeral Marketing Ideas from Experts

Successful marketing for a funeral home is no easy feat. Similar to medical services, death care occupies an emotional space, one that makes people resistant to in-your-face advertisements or shoddy discounts. Even blogs, social media, and newsletters––seemingly simple outlets––can make you appear unprofessional when handled improperly. That’s why it’s always a good idea to seek the help of death care professionals.

Comprised of funeral home owners, directors, and managers, the consulting team at Johnson Consulting Group understands all aspects of the death care profession. By taking a close look at your business and its current situation, they can develop a strategic plan to optimize your performance, from your team to your exit strategy and ongoing marketing efforts.