We would like you both to know that we truly appreciate your help and assistance with the sale of our funeral home.  We came to the little town of Manton when I was 21, fresh out of college and married for only a few weeks. We owned the funeral home for almost 43 years so parting with the business was a very big deal to us.  We knew that a funeral director in the area would probably buy the funeral home.  We consider all the neighboring funeral homes and funeral directors to be friends and colleagues and not competitors.  We didn’t want the sale of our business to jeopardize this friendship in any way and Dale did an excellent job of dealing will all interested funeral directors in a professional and friendly way.  He was persistent but not demanding and seemed to work tirelessly through many disappointments and setbacks. We would recommend Dale and Johnson Consulting 100% and have told several other funeral directors this when asked how our sale went. Every day we are realizing new possibilities that being not tied down to the phone and responsibilities of a job are offering us.  Thank you for your friendship and help to us.

Fred and Elaine Hall

Hall Funeral Home

Manton, Michigan