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With a new year comes new goals, initiatives and updates and the need for a detailed strategic plan. At Johnson Consulting we recently completed our own internal strategic plan and subsequently updated our mission statement based on our client’s needs. Wonder what you could find out about your business with some planning?

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Company News

We are pleased to introduce our newest Strategic Planning service as a complement to our current Total Solutions package. Why do you need a Strategic Plan? Most important: it establishes direction, sets priorities for your organization and ensures that everyone is on the same page. A strategic plan determines your organization’s view of success and prioritizes the actions that will make this view your reality.

Let us help you get started on your 2016 Strategic Plan today. Give us a call at 888-250-7747 and we’ll explain our process and the many benefits.

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Johnson Consulting Articles

Strategic Planning as seen in The Director

tabletEleven points to bring you closer to understanding the simple yet important steps of a Strategic Plan. Read More…


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Preparing for a Successful Future

Businesses are not static but evolve over time. This evolution may lead to growth, but it may also cause the business to decline. A business’ life cycle is usually portrayed as a bell-shaped curve, where the stages follow one another in an orderly fashion, which is erroneous since variables are never consistent. Read more…

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Recent JCG Business

Recent JCG Completed Transactions

Putnam Funeral Home – Michigan
Stumpff Funeral Home – Oklahoma
Buchholz – Missouri
Concord Stinson Northwest/Southwest – Michigan
Thompson-Marodi Funeral Home – Pennsylvania
East Memorial Gardens – Arkansas

JCG New Accounting, Management and/or Survey Clients

Lynch & Sons – Michigan
Young’s Funeral Home – Louisiana
Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory – Missouri
Legacy Affordable Burial & Cremation Parks Highway – Alaska
Serenity Meadows Memorial Park Funeral Home – Florida
Adams & Jennings Funeral Home – Florida

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Didn’t Win the Powerball

No worries, let Johnson Consulting help you keep more of your current revenue. 888-250-7747

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