Covid Impact Worksheet #1: Level of Client Satisfaction

Johnson Consulting Group’s Performance Tracker is the complete customer management tool that evaluates staff and customer experience, streamlines success plans, and improves your bottom line. Through the power of six different survey types, our system analyzes all of the data for you, giving owners and managers hundreds of different reporting options to see what’s going on in their business. Every year JCG releases a trends and analysis report based off of Performance Tracker survey data. This year Johnson Consulting Group did something a little different, 2020 was greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. With this being the case we commissioned a special report to show how Covid-19 has affected the funeral profession. From there we created downloadable worksheets based off of major takeaways from the Performance Tracker Analysis: 2020 Covid-19 Impact Report. These worksheets are designed as a tool to help funeral and cemetery business owners and managers put what they learned from the the Covid-19 report into practice. This weeks worksheet is based off of client satisfaction. See what exercises we created to help provide better satisfaction.


Be on the look out for our next downloadable worksheet available February 5th, 2021. 


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Covid Impact Worksheet #1: Level of Client Satisfaction 


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