Being an independent business owner can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. Your business is growing, markets are evolving, and how you conduct your business is changing, which means no two years may ever look the same. When you take the time to look at the big picture it can cause a shift in perspective, modify habits and ultimately change focus, giving you a sharper vision of your goals. Surcharging creates a unique opportunity so often overlooked as a means to increase savings and revenue, optimizing business success. Belapay has shifted the paradigm.


What is Surcharging?

Most business owners are not aware of the fact that the majority of the United States allows for merchant surcharging, overlooking an easy opportunity to increase bottom line. Banks enjoy the fruits of high transaction fees, which translates to merchants losing up to $100 billion in revenue annually. You can easily eliminate these high fees imposed by credit card companies allowing for 3.5% in potential savings by eliminating such charges. Think of it as credit card convenience for credit rewards, fast tracking your clients reward programs into return saving. This is a vital step to making your business thrive, by putting more savings into your pocket and not the banks. Belapay provides this often-overlooked solution to helping your business save money.


Who Can Help?

No matter your industry or background, Belapay understands that your business is unique and can offer customized payment processing more favorable to the merchant and less so to the bank. We offer three user friendly platforms to help you efficiently track monthly itemized reports, savings from surcharging. Over time, our clients will see the potential growth in saving and what to expect while working with us. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Belapay is committed to supporting the growth and savings of your business goals and bottom line. We are here to assist and what to help you succeed.

This blog is contributed by Belapay.

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