In a shifting economy where consumers are faced with inflation and unreliable availability of products and resources, one thing remains clear, excellent customer care matters. Taking the time to treat people as you would like to be treated builds lasting relationships which means stability for your business and your staff and can also lead to growth over time.  


According to the CX Network, 93 percent of customers who receive an enjoyable customer experience are likely to return to that brand. The article goes on to say that things like personalization and individualization really matter to people. This is good news for the funeral profession, meeting people where they are and providing a personalized experience are paramount to the field.


We hear a lot about loyalty and loyalty programs when diving into customer service education and enrichment. Ensure consistent customer retention by really focusing on the family experience and training and supporting your staff to be able to do the same, at every level and every possible touchpoint. Another way to build loyalty is to participate within your community. Attend community events and partner with other organizations where it makes sense. Become a comforting and known name within your community.  


But how do you balance all of this and stay aware of the fine details? One thing we stand by at JCG is having the tools to help you achieve your business goals. Performance Tracker X is a great addition to your toolkit when it comes to keeping track of family satisfaction and helpful information to improve staff engagement. Having these two areas of your business functioning in good standing will lead to long-term success.


The consulting team at Johnson Consulting Group can assist you in taking a high-level look at your entire business. Our people have a wealth of experience in the death care field and can offer support in all areas of your business. Let JCG help you grow into the business of your dreams.