Hi Todd,

Just wanted to express to you the positive impressions you left with our staff and how they are complimenting one another on jobs well done. We never experienced interoffice compliments like this before.

Just last night upon my return to Beverly all three of the newest staff, Francine, Virginia and Coreen and Brandy who has been here about 6 months voiced their excitement of your presence, delivery of the presentation and how they were overall captivated by your knowledge. At this morning’s staff meeting, I┬áreemphasized that everybody in the room put themselves in the position of the grieving family’s pain and to keep their professionalism in the care center where we are always on the phone because the phone is the critical lifeline of our business.

Thanks to you and the entire Johnson staff, I have so much to work with and realistically implement on a daily basis. Thanks again and your friendship is truly valued.


Anthony P. Guerra, Guerra & Gutierrez Mortuary, Los Angeles, CA