JCG’s Performance Tracker X is the complete customer management tool that evaluates staff and financial performance, streamlines success plans, and improves your bottom line. We believe in sharing insight from the data collected through our Performance Tracker X program powered by J3tech. This year’s report not only updates the findings from volume 5, but also provides a ten-year review of data compiled from over 1.13 million individual funeral events and the input of over 264,000 survey respondents since 2011.


Major takeaways from the 2022 Performance Tracker X Trends and Insights Report:

  • Higher levels of satisfaction continue to increase across all cremation cases.
  • Average NPS scores stand at 9.47%
  • Lowest levels of satisfaction occurred for immediate at-need burials.
  • Average sale continues to be around $5,000.
  • Average call volume has decreased since the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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2022 JCG PerformanceTracker X Trends Analysis Full ReportĀ 


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