JCG’s Performance Tracker is the complete customer management tool that evaluates staff and financial performance, streamlines success plans, and improves your bottom line. Through the power of six different survey types, our system analyzes all of the data for you, giving owners and managers hundreds of different reporting options to see what’s going on in your business. Each year Johnson Consulting Group analyzes all of the year’s past survey responses and sales records to determine what the current trends in consumers are, and where the consumer needs are going.

Major takeaways from the 2020 Performance Tracker Trends and Insights Report:

  • Families continue to recognize very high levels of satisfaction with their chosen facility, with more than 96% rating their experience as “Superior” or “Above Average,” in particular, recognizing the impact of caring, compassionate and professional staff.
  • Families report the highest levels of satisfaction with traditional at-need burials and at-need cremations with a memorial service. The lowest rated are pre-need and direct at-need cremations.
  • Families are more likely than ever to recommend their funeral home to others; there is a significant relationship between the satisfaction of families, the NPS (net promoter score) and their likelihood to recommend. The importance of this cannot be understated as the previous experience of other family members is cited as a key factor by 50% of families when it is time to make choices for their loved ones.

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