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Webinar Funeral Home Training

Cost for this programs: $995

(*this program is typically 2 hours)

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Below are the features of the Webinar Funeral Home Training program:

Telephone C.A.R.E.munication®

This unique and personal approach to telephone skills is unparalleled in the industry. Learn why not everyone is suited to answer and how to equip those who are.

Value Communication and the Telephone

Every business has qualities that differentiate and they must be communicated. The opportunity is presented in seconds, over-the-phone, or when someone comes in for information. This workshop defines and establishes easily communicated value statements that when presented, require the one asking to respond from their own needs. Additionally, there IS an effective way to respond to a price shopper that makes it clear you understand their need, and in a remarkably compassionate manner and win the call.

We will equip employees who answer the phone with skills for a competitive edge and ability to capture the call. They will learn to convey signature services and confidently communicate to each caller. In addition, live research will be conducted to show contrast and effectiveness of the learned telephone skills.