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Onsite Funeral Home Training

Cost for these programs: $2,250 per day plus travel

(*typical training sessions take two days depending on the size of the business)

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On site Funeral Home Training Available:

1. Telephone C.A.R.E.munication®

This unique and personal approach to telephone skills is unparalleled in the industry. Learn why not everyone is suited to answer and how to equip those who are.

Value Communication and the Telephone

Every business has qualities that differentiate and they must be communicated. The opportunity is presented in seconds, over-the-phone, or when someone comes in for information. This workshop defines and establishes easily communicated value statements that when presented, require the one asking to respond from their own needs. Additionally, there IS an effective way to respond to a price shopper that makes it clear you understand their need, and in a remarkably compassionate manner and win the call.

We will equip employees who answer the phone with skills for a competitive edge and ability to capture the call. They will learn to convey signature services and confidently communicate to each caller. In addition, live research will be conducted to show contrast and effectiveness of the learned telephone skills.


2. Funeral Director / Pre-Need Counselor Equipping

Consistency and continuity is imperative when caring for each family. This is only achieved by the implementation of an effective method by each director / advisor; at-need or pre-need. The C.A.R.E.Ring® incorporates every step necessary to complete an arrangement, using the pre-requisite, Culture and Communication. Listen and Engage, Presenting Experience Options, Values Defined, Meaningful Merchandise and Payment Choices are covered in detail with a bonus element, which can separate your business, the custom, Event of a Lifetime®.

We will equip each director / counselor with a standardized, measurable method to meet with all families. They will have the ability to establish meaningful relationships through listening, learning and applying, thereby creating one-of-a-kind ceremonies. This effort will increase family’s selection of ceremony and contribute to their tradition of gathering. Additionally, based on a personal understanding of each family, directors / advisors will be able to connect personal characteristics to merchandise selections. Arrangements will be demonstrated and practiced to anchor the skills, enabling immediate application with families.


3. Complete Cremation®

Families who select cremation are motivated a variety of ways. Knowing what they are and constructing language that is sensitive, understood, and effective is appreciated and profitable. This workshop explores the why and provides a method to lead families to a full experience in acknowledging the life of their loved-one, options for final rest and a sense of satisfaction that all was done according to their wishes or convictions. The results of this workshop are measured using the Cremation Ceremony Goal Table® and No-Ceremony Worksheet® showing increase in ceremony with cremation.

Your directors / advisors will have a consistent ability to communicate to all families who select cremation in a manner that has proven results in leading to ceremony. Using this approach, in most cases, meaningful merchandise is selected regardless of choice of ceremony, adding to the increase of contract average and family satisfaction. Built-in accountability and review of direct cremation is included with the measurement tools provided.


4. Professional Skill Honing

Benefits are found when professionals engage with a Coach using specific feedback from family surveys, goals set and when observed in actual arrangements. This comprehensive encounter is designed for an individual director / advisor, making use of all data available as well as the review of their DiSC® Profile. The session bolsters the prior training and application and calibrates for improvement. Results from this, three to four-hour engagement, can contribute to Performance Appraisal and / or Change Management.

We will provide a comprehensive review of each director’s / advisor’s applied skills incorporating their individual DiSC® Performance Appraisal. Recommendations will be made for staff and team development

Time Management

Is Time Management really a myth? What’s productive and what’s not? Is “multi-tasking” an art? How can I better make use of my next 24 hours, and my next and my next . . . ? These questions will be addressed in a 2-hour workshop. You will come away with tools to implement immediately, professionally and personally, to better utilize your time.

Performance Appraisal

For managers, reviewing employee performance is a critical function of their job however is sometimes viewed as daunting. Instead of seeing the task with dread, approach the performance appraisal process as an excellent opportunity to give your staff feedback, listen to employee comments, review their job description, and discuss and correct performance. In this simple and comprehensive approach, we will show you how to conduct positive, valuable assessments that lead to maximizing staff performance and help your employees achieve their professional goals and your organization’s objectives.


5. Meaningful Merchandise

Beauty, and what is meaningful, is in the eye of the beholder. Making merchandise matter is found when connecting meaning to memories, or memories to meaning. This may sound tricky but rather, it is an art. There is no slight-of-hand when guiding families in merchandise selections. It takes a genuine understanding by introducing choices based on the connection to the life that they are honoring. In Meaningful Merchandise, your staff will be equipped to connect personal characteristics to selections, by using stories, explain the value of choices, disconnect merchandise and ceremony, and realize the effectiveness of boutique vs. big-box merchandising.


6. Funeral Assistant / Ambassador Team Development

These front-line representatives are critical to a fluid and effective presence at any ceremony. After attending the C.A.R.E.Ring® C.A.R.E.munication, this half-day session will specifically address business protocols and responsibilities and reinforce appropriate behavior to your very valuable, part time staff.