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Funeral Business Valuations

Do you know how much your funeral home business is worth?

4-valuationsUnderstanding your business value is essential information.

Our sophisticated funeral and cemetery valuation system provides an in-depth profile of your funeral business and compares that to the current funeral industry trends, revealing exactly how much your funeral home or cemetery is worth at any given time, in any type of market environment.

No other business consultant, either inside or outside the funeral profession, can provide you with this type of detailed business analysis.

Succession Planning

If part of your strategy is succession planning, we have the resources to combine the many services to provide perspective for both the seller and the buyer (or successor).

A well balanced strategic plan ensures that both sides will be considered fairly is imperative. We employ our expertise in funeral home and cemetery management along with our market values from our divestitures services division, and offer a fair transition to all parties. Other business consultants can’t say they have experience of owning, managing, buying, selling and valuing a funeral business like Johnson Consulting Group!

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Our Funeral Home / Cemetery Valuations Include:

  • In-depth review of your funeral business history to understand your past, present and future business trends
  • Detailed historical and projected demographical trends of your market area
  • Study of historical death trends of your market
  • Analysis of your critical and non-critical assets
  • Funeral Home or Cemetery sales analysis
  • A thorough analysis of your current payroll to compare your firm with the industry standards
  • Comprehensive review of historical financial statements to understand the projected cash flow of your business
  • Inventory and excess acreage needs (cemetery)
  • Asset versus business value study
  • Assessment of the funeral home / cemetery market
  • A definitive range of value based on findings and our comprehensive database of value comparatives straight from our funeral home and cemetery divestiture services division
  • A professional hard copy presentation for reference purposes and easy review
  • A presentation of the funeral home and cemetery industry profile providing background on the history of funeral home and cemetery assessments