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Funeral Home and Cemetery Performance Improvement

1-consultJohnson Consulting Group is comprised of seasoned funeral business executives and financial experts who have successfully owned, operated and managed literally hundreds of funeral homes and cemeteries. This extensive industry knowledge and experience is used in our Management Services to assist clients in achieving unprecedented levels of customer service, an optimum workplace environment, recognition as the marketplace leader, and maximum financial performance.

The funeral and cemetery professions are facing increased operating challenges including a changing consumer, a poor economy, complex employee issues, new types of competitors, and eroding revenue with increasing costs. Johnson Consulting Group’s Management Services helps you meet these challenges and more while maximizing your company’s operating performance.

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Performance Improvement

Continuous improvement should be practiced at any business. Johnson Consulting has created an offering of management tools to ensure continuous improvement in all areas of the business. Whether it’s Training, Performance Analysis, Incentive Compensation Plans, or Customized Management needs…We are here to help!

The funeral and cemetery professions are facing increased operating challenges including a changing consumer, a poor economy, complex employee issues, new types of competitors, and an eroding revenue with increasing costs. Johnson Consulting Group helps you meet these challenges and more while maximizing your company’s operating performance.

Performance Analysis and Strategic Plan

JCG performs an exhaustive, six to eight week due diligence including site visits to deliver a comprehensive 360 degree assessment of your company’s current operating performance. The findings are bound in the Performance Analysis Book which is comprised of the following:

  • Customer Service Assessment: JCG evaluates and ranks the level of service provided by your funeral home. Seamless Service Survey; Service Delivery Survey; Body Preparation Survey; Operational Readiness Audit.
  • Workflow Analysis: JCG measures your employees’ attitudes and assesses your company structure and efficiency. Employee Satisfaction Survey; Manager Survey; Interviews with all Owners, Managers and Employees; Organizational Structure and Workflow Analysis.
  • Competitive Market Share Assessment: JCG analyzes your marketplace identifying competitive opportunities as well as threats to your business. Historical Case Count Analysis; Market Share Trend Analysis; S.W.O.T. Analysis; Marketplace Price Comparison Matrix; Marketing Plan Evaluation; Phone Shopping; Competitive Intelligence.
  • Financial Analysis: JCG completes a comprehensive financial analysis of the company’s profitability and its direct impact on the company’s value. Comparative Financial Statements Analysis; Revenue Analysis; Business Mix Analysis; Detailed Sales Analysis by company, location and individual arranger; Expense Analysis; Payroll Analysis; Collections and Accounts Receivable Survey; Accounts Receivable Analysis; Merchandise Plan and Pricing Assessment; PreNeed Program Evaluation.

JCG’s accompanying recommendations are set forth in the Strategic Plan. The plan establishes Business Performance Objectives with specific Tactical Actions needed to achieve them and an Implementation Sequence to enable you to deliver an unprecedented level of customer service, provide an optimum workplace environment, achieve recognition as the marketplace leader and maximize your financial performance. The Performance Analysis and Strategic Plan is by far the single most important thing you can do for your business. Our clients establish where they are today, where they want to go and how to get there!

Business Success Plan

This is JCG’s most complete Management Services program. Progress is constantly measured and performance evaluated so that timely management decisions can be made and executed during monthly Performance Management Meetings with JCG and the senior management team of the company. JCG becomes a trusted strategic partner with you to create superior operating performance ensuring the highest enterprise value. Our Business Success Plan drives improvements in Customer Service, Workplace, Marketplace, and Financial Performance. Performance Enhancement components can include: Customer Service, Arranger and Collections Training; Organizational Structure and Workflow Improvement Plan; Strategic Pricing Initiative and Merchandising Plan; Management Development Training; Master Marketing Plan; Annual Operating Budget; Revenue Enhancement Initiatives; Expense Reduction Initiatives; Employee Incentive Plans; and more! Accountability Management components can include: Family Satisfaction Surveys and Reports; Sales Contract Analysis Reports; Market Share Tracking Reports; Accounts Receivable Reports; Employee Satisfaction Survey; Monthly Performance Management Meetings; and more.

Customized Management Services

Not every funeral business has the same needs. Johnson Consulting Group will customize our Management Services to meet any client’s specific operating issues. This can be a short term, time specific or task oriented engagement that can be based on a pay for performance criteria. If your funeral home’s level of customer service is not where you want it; if you are experiencing employee turnover and low morale; if you are losing price shoppers; if you are losing market share; if your average revenue per call is declining; if your receivables are high and cash flow is tight; or whatever critical issues you are facing, JCG can deliver a program designed to positively impact performance.

Learning and Development Library

Johnson Consulting Group has one of the most extensive libraries of professionally designed training programs in the funeral profession. We can provide training on virtually every topic imaginable in funeral service. Our Learning and Development Library programs focus on:

  • Customer Service: Exceed the expectations of your customers. The Growing Calls Through Exceptional Service Training Module includes establishment and training on best practice service standards and phone training.
  • Workplace: Provide an optimum workplace environment for your employees. The Coaching for Accountability Training Module provides managers with both the tools and skills to create an environment hungry for change and accountability.
  • Marketplace: Maximize your penetration of the marketplace to gain market share. The Growing Calls Through Community Leadership Training Module provides the skills, information and tools to grow call volume by building relationships and elevating the role and visibility of the funeral home in the community.
  • Financial Performance: The best financial management tools and strategies to achieve peak financial performance. The Growing Averages Training Module provides arrangers the skills and knowledge required to arrange meaningful tributes, explain the features and benefits of all services and merchandise, and how to professionally and comfortably secure payment for services.

JCG Performance Tracker™

This program measures two critical components of your success – family satisfaction and sales performance. The consistent delivery of exceptional service and the achievement of targeted financial objectives are fundamentals for successful funeral home management. The program was developed to help the death care profession meet the challenges of an increasingly discerning clientele as well as stop the continued erosion of revenue. You can now closely monitor company, location and individual arranger customer satisfaction and average sale performance. The program enables you to practice performance management by quickly identifying key performers for positive reinforcement and providing additional training and coaching to underperformers.

  • Family Satisfaction Survey Program: Each client family receives a family satisfaction survey carefully designed to gain meaningful feedback on their experience with your funeral home. The survey gently but specifically inquires about details of their initial contact, the arrangements, services and more. It carefully probes the family’s reason for choosing your funeral home and asks what services meant the most as well as what more could be done. It also uniquely measures the family’s degree of loyalty to your funeral home. The responses from each individual survey are tabulated and the data is compiled into a series of Survey Summary Reports. The reports are formatted by company, location and individual arranger enabling you to quickly identify areas of service or even individuals that require more training. Families are also afforded the opportunity to fill this survey out online at www.FamilyCareSurvey.com.
  • Sales Contract Analysis Program: JCG enters all customer sales contracts into our web-based sales contract analysis program. The results are again formatted by company, location and individual arranger and reviewed on a monthly basis. These reports also quickly identify your company’s call volume, business mix and sales averages as well as identify how each arranger is contributing.
  • Employee Incentive Plan: If you so choose, the JCG Performance Tracker™ can become the foundation for an effective employee incentive plan. JCG will customize an incentive plan for your specific needs.
  • Low Cost: No Contract, Low Monthly Fee, Simple Start Up.

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