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JCGPerformanceTracker™ Overview

Originality and Uniqueness

The consistent delivery of exceptional service and the achievement of targeted financial objectives are fundamentals for successful funeral home management.  The JCGPerformanceTracker™ was developed to help the death care profession meet the challenges of an increasingly discerning clientele as well as stop the continued erosion of revenue.   The JCGPerformanceTracker™ provides clients timely, accurate measurement of customer service and sales performance.  It is a known fact that successful funeral homes are anchored in a customer-focused approach to service that provides families with an experience of total care.  Ultimate family satisfaction as well as funeral home financial success also includes effective presentation of all service and product options to help families create a tribute to their loved ones that is meaningful, appropriate and affordable.  The JCGPerformanceTracker™ surveys each family’s satisfaction and records all sales details.  The accompanying reports allows the client to closely monitor company, location and individual arranger customer satisfaction and sales performance to enable timely action to ensure continuous improvement.

The JCGPerformanceTracker™ Family Satisfaction Survey was designed by industry experts to gain meaningful feedback on the family’s experience with the funeral home.  The survey gently but specifically inquires about details of their initial contact, the arrangements, services and more.  It carefully probes the family’s reason for choosing the funeral home and asks what services meant the most as well as what more could have been done.  It also uniquely measures the family’s degree of loyalty to the funeral home.  The responses from each individual survey are tabulated and the data is compiled into a series of Survey Summary Reports measuring performance by company, location and individual arranger.  The reports chart performance in each specific service item as well as well as computes the Overall Performance Score.  The Net Promoter Score feature (www.netpromoter.com) is a customer loyalty index which shows each funeral home client how likely their customer is to return. Additionally, reports are generated to notify you of families requesting additional information or services as well as immediate notification of the receipt of a negative survey.  This notification is sent via email to your email address of choice.

Unlike many other survey programs, the JCGPerformanceTracker™ easily allows clients the ability to accurately monitor customer satisfaction at each individual location and with each individual arranger.   It also allows the client to compare their firm’s performance to the benchmark established by the performance all JCG clients.  The benchmark comparison can also be reported specifically by firm size, geographical region, market population, or ethnic group.

In addition to measuring and closely monitoring customer satisfaction, The JCGPerformanceTracker™ measures sales performance through a detailed sales analysis of each individual funeral purchase contract.  Sales are tracked by the individual call classification to provide an accurate measurement of business mix.  Sales are analyzed by each revenue component i.e. service, casket, vault, urn, flowers, etc.  The numerous Sales Contract Reports generated measure performance by company as well as tracks and compares location and individual arranger sales performance. The client has an accurate, up-to-date knowledge of their company’s current call volume, business mix and sales averages as well as detail on each location and arranger.

The JCGPerformanceTracker™ is built on the success fundamental of providing consistent, exceptional service while achieving targeted financial objectives.  It provides the funeral home owner the tools needed to establish customer service and sales goals, accurately monitor performance and easily identify weaknesses to enable corrective action to achieve targeted objectives.

Quality and Design

This program was written as a true web-based application.  Along with the web interface, it utilizes SQL data tables in order to handle data on a very large scale.  The program is fast and completely automates the process of conducting customer surveys and sales analysis at the company, location, and arranger level.

Secure Customer Access:  The customer can access their data online at www.JCGPerformanceTracker.com and run their own reports and data views as well.

Online Customer Portal: Along with all the other features of this comprehensive customer survey program, the customers themselves have the option of filling out and mailing back in a postage paid envelope OR filling out the survey online at www.FuneralHomeSurvey.com.

Practicality and Sustainability

The quality of service a funeral home delivers to its customers is paramount to its success.  The single most important tool to measuring that success is surveying your customers for candid and meaningful input.  This has been and will remain to be a very important component to successfully delivering a valuable customer experience.  Maximizing sales is also critical to successful funeral home management.  A detailed analysis of a funeral homes business mix, revenue assortment, controllable sales averages and individual arranger performance are necessary to accurately forecast a company’s sales.  Timely and accurate sales reports measuring performance enables rapid management response to ensure financial objectives are achieved.

Customer service and sales performance at any funeral home varies by each individual arranger.   Anybody who has conducted customer service and sales analysis by company, location and arranger will know that performance results among arrangers will vary and sometimes that variance is substantial.  For this reason it is important to monitor individual arranger’s customer service and sales performance to identify key performers for positive reinforcement and underperformers for continued coaching.  The JCGPerformanceTracker™ provides the data and tools needed to effectively execute accountability management.

Benefit and Value

JCGPerformanceTracker™ delivers endless benefits and value.  It allows the funeral home to closely measure the current level of satisfaction of their customers.  As the individual survey responses from every family are received and entered into the database, the program provides reports that can easily identify strengths and weaknesses in the funeral homes level of customer service.  These reports also provide an excellent opportunity to provide employee recognition for excellent scores and additional training to improve performance in weak areas.   The client is able to effectively set customer service goals and keep exceptional customer service their firm’s primary reason for being.  The monthly review of Survey Summary Reports with all staff ensures that customer service remains the principle focus of the funeral home.  The JCGPerformanceTracker™ Sales Contract Analysis allows the client to thoroughly understand the details of the funeral homes revenue including call volume, business mix, and average sale.  This provides the owner with the ability to accurately budget annual revenues.  The Sales Contract Analysis reports allow timely monitoring of actual sales performance by company, location and arranger.  This means any negative variances in sales results can be easily identified as to whether it is a change in the mix of business or a failure to reach average sale objectives.  The reports compare arranger performance to easily identify the best and worst performers.  A single arranger can have a large scale impact on a business’s profitability and ultimately its value. Only with persistent analysis of data can an owner identify what training may be needed to improve arranger sales performance.  The JCGPerformanceTracker™ also allows an easy way to ensure that arrangers are presenting all service and merchandise offerings to each family.

The JCGPerformanceTracker™ provides a wealth of information on each individual arranger’s customer service and sales performance.   These are perfect tools for annual performance reviews and for the establishment of a performance incentive program for the funeral home.

The additional benefits include the flexibility for the client to generate their own reports as well as compare their company to the JCG client data base.  The JCGPerformanceTracker™ is web-based with individual client logins and is able to provide accurate analysis on the fly, pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, has 24/7 access, and a low monthly cost and no contract to sign.  This program truly offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable management insights at a very nominal cost.

In conclusion, The JCGPerformanceTracker™ provides the client valuable, current operating data and management tools to enable the funeral home to reach unprecedented levels of customer service and maximize financial performance.

Here is a brief summary of some of the reports (all can be run for any date range of course)

  • Survey Detail Report:  This is the recording of each specific family survey.  The heading includes the specifics about the client, the individual responses are checked and any written comments are included on this report.  Also note the top right hand corner.  JCG will flag surveys that are particularly positive and more importantly, any negative surveys.
  • Survey Summary Report (Company): This report is a summary of family survey responses for the entire company.  After a base level of surveys have been input, it is easy to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses i.e. body appearance, professionalism of staff, payment policy, etc.  JCG generates this report by location, region, area, market or whatever grouping you choose.
  • Survey Summary Report (Arranger): This report is a summary of family survey responses for an individual arranger at a location. Each response is measured but the Overall Summary % becomes the quick check on individual arranger performance.
  • Sales Contract Analysis by Arranger: This report calculates the total sales for all arrangements by an individual arranger.  It then provides the business mix and sales averages in each call classification.  This report together with the Survey Summary Report above gives you a wealth of information on each individual arranger’s performance in sales as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Contract Analysis by Location: This is the rollup of all arrangements at a location.  This gives you sales performance of a location at a glance for easy use in comparison to other locations.  This report can be customized to region, market, area, location, etc.
  • Arrangement Director Comparison by Sales Items: This bar graph report compares arrangers performance at a location. Obviously, after adequate data input, this report quickly identifies your stars as well as those who need help.