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iStock_000051830408_SmallWhy do you need a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan determines your organization’s view of success and prioritizes the actions that will make this view your reality. Strategic planning is determining what your business is going to become and how you are going to get there. It establishes direction, sets priorities for your organization and ensures that everyone is on the same page. The process involves the owners and management team of the company assessing current performance, analyzing the market, setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and focusing resources to execute the actions. It also determines how the company will know if it is successful. Developing a strategic plan takes time and can often use up valuable resources, which is where Johnson Consulting can help.

Johnson Consulting Group has developed a funeral business strategic planning model that effectively enables our clients to build a clear vision for the future, how to get there, how to measure it and how to achieve it. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will efficiently and effectively guide you and your staff through the strategic planning process leaving you with clear goals and directives. Johnson Consulting will also help you allocate the resources necessary to pursue this strategy and guide the implementation from start to finish.

Jake, we just had our first strategic plan check-in with Al. Although we are only 90 days into our process I am extremely pleased with the whole experience.

Our whole company is All In and Engaged! Accountability like I’ve never seen before! — Rick Allnutt

The Strategic Plan Core Values

Customer Service

Consistently exceed the expectations of anyone who comes in contact with your firm


Create and maintain a positive workplace environment where company objectives are clearly understood, employees are effectively trained, appropriately compensated and regularly recognized


Diligently execute an organized, goal specific marketing plan that delivers a consistent, congruent and cumulative penetration of the marketplace

Financial Management

Use detailed financial reporting, accurate forecasting, close monitoring of performance and take timely action to consistently achieve targeted financial objectives

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The Planning Session

The day-long, strategic planning session provides the optimum platform for the management team to address the most critical issues confronting the company. JCG begins the session with a forthright review of the current year’s successes and failures. Next, JCG leads the management team to assess the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses. The process then focuses on evaluating all of the external opportunities existing in the competitive market as well as what threats to the business are looming.

Upon completion of this business assessment, JCG assists the management team in articulating the core business objectives and goals that will guide the direction of the company. These goals are crystal clear and the highest priority of the management team. The goals are then reviewed individually and strategies and actions needed to achieve the goals are identified. The appropriate management team member to be responsible for the action is decided upon and a timeline for completion is determined. During this segment, any additional resources needed such as increased marketing, more training, or professional development needed to successfully execute the strategies and actions are identified. The expected return or outcome of achieving each goal is quantified and performance metrics are established to enable measurement of success. Any potential barriers to achieving the goals in the strategic plan are discussed and contingency plans made.

The planning session results in JCG preparing a written Strategic Plan for the client. The plan includes the current operating performance assessment, the new business goals and objectives, the Tactical Action Plan and the Key Performance Metrics to be reached to define success. The management team immediately begins implementation of the strategic plan.

Achieving the Strategic Plan

The key to successfully achieving the strategic plan depends solely on commitment and follow through. Accountability Management Meetings led by JCG are scheduled typically every thirty to ninety days to review progress toward achieving the goals as measured by the performance metrics report. Management team members are held accountable to established timelines. Performance is constantly measured, timely action is taken to ensure targeted objectives are achieved and continual identification of the following to ensure forward progress:

  • Where is recognition needed, what were the successes and where are the challenges
  • Business updates
  • Key performance metrics report regarding customer satisfaction and financial goals
  • Action item scorecard with corrective action and assignment of new goals
  • Review of strategic plan snapshot

Successful Strategic Planning can effectively change the direction and performance of your funeral business. Remember that those companies that plan, no matter how large or small the business is, will do better than those that do not. Therefore it is only logical that you should develop a strategic plan.

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