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Funeral Home Brokerage

Consultation on the buying or selling of funeral businessesJohnson Consulting is the largest broker in the funeral business!

Funeral industry mergers and acquisitions is one of our specialties!

Are you ready to sell a funeral home? Need help selling a cemetery?


Are you looking to buy a funeral home? Do you want to buy a cemetery?

We’ve helped thousands of funeral home and cemetery businesses make the best of their buying and selling opportunities. As a valued partner in these transactions, we help business owners evaluate the relative merits of the options available and determine the best time to take action.

Regardless of whether you need assistance in:

  • Selling your funeral home or cemetery business
  • Buying a funeral business
  • Valuing your funeral company
  • Assessing key employee transfer
  • Succession planning

Johnson Consulting Group are the professionals to turn to before making the decision of a lifetime.

Considering selling your funeral home or cemetery business?

Johnson Consulting is a close advisor, specializing in every aspect of your transaction:

  • Evaluating the best transaction structure to meet your goals
  • Formulating the right selling price by analyzing the cash flow and true value of the funeral business
  • Creating a marketing package that maximizes value and speed of the process
  • Generating a timeline that ensures confidentiality
  • Seeking out qualified funeral business buyers (Johnson Consulting Group has the largest funeral home and cemetery buyer list of any consulting company in the industry)
  • Negotiating maximum value and structure (it’s not only about what you get, but what you keep)
  • Partnering with, or referring, legal professionals during contract and due diligence process
  • Posting your Marketing Package on our secure data site for quick confidential communication of information to our expansive list of qualified funeral business buyers
  • Personal service and attention, before, during, and after the sale

Looking to sell your funeral home or cemetery?
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Buying a Funeral Home or Cemetery?

Funeral business owners trust our expertise in:

  • Identifying the funeral businesses that fit your planned purchasing profile
  • Initiating contact with potential funeral home and/or cemetery seller
  • Gathering necessary data
  • Income and Expense analysis of the prospect funeral business
  • Assist with successfully identifying the appropriate purchase structure to better achieve success in operating from the first day
  • Partnering with, or referring, legal professionals during the due diligence process
  • Assistance in finding the lender that is right for you

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Are you looking to purchase a funeral home or cemetery?

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Succession Planning

Many funeral home and cemetery owners wish to pass their business legacy on to a family member or key employee. Those who have done so will tell you in no uncertain terms that the process contains its own special stresses and emotions. The best solution? Our impartial third party approach could be what you need to protect feelings and relationships on both sides of the table. Transfer services include:

  • Impartial, third party advice
  • Our valuation not only considers fair market value, but also the constraints of that value based on ongoing operations by a family member or key employee
  • Mediation between parties to ensure a smooth transfer
  • Guidance through the complete process
  • Financing referrals and research
  • Partnering with tax and legal advisors on both sides during the contract and due diligence process


Mergers and Acquisition Graphic 1-5-16

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