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Funeral Home Business Loans

Your Death Care Business is more than just property

15-funeralhomeMany times, a funeral business’s value exceeds its property value. Many banks struggle to offer death care businesses the financing sought to start or acquire an existing funeral business.

Johnson Consulting Group will work with you to put a loan or finance package together that will educate lenders on the cash flow potential of funeral businesses.

We have developed a funeral home business loan and financing program that helps qualified buyers and existing owners find financing for:

  • Funeral Business Acquisitions
  • Expansion of Funeral Homes
  • Partner buy-outs
  • Refinancing

Our objective is to work with the buyer to find a funeral home business loan that will serve the interests of all the parties involved.

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Experienced in Underwriting Funeral Business Loans and Financing

We complete a thorough funeral home business loan package and submit it to the best possible lender for your specific needs. With over 100 years of experience working with small business owners you can trust us to be your partner through this life-changing decision.

Our Funeral Home Business Loan Process

Our many bank relationships allow us to understand the best method to submit a thorough funeral home business loan application in today’s tough credit market. We will educate you on the process, the forms that must be completed and the financials that most banks will require in order to set you apart from the other applicants. Incomplete packages equal loan denials; make sure you know what is needed!

Many or One Lender?

We feel that the best way to secure favorable funeral home business financing is to create a comprehensive loan package and show the request to multiple lenders and banks nationwide. By doing this, we not only increase our success rate for our funeral home clients, we also secure them the best loan or financing possible!

How Long is the Financing Process?

In most instances, the banks and lenders we have relationships with are able to fund a funeral home business transaction in as little as 45 days; however, this will depend on each lender’s due diligence and underwriting requirements. The length of the process will also be determined by the borrower; the quicker the borrower is able to provide the necessary document requests and necessary loan applications, the quicker the loan will be able to fund.

Borrower Qualifications

Banks are looking at each borrower with tougher guidelines than ever before, make sure that you know the following prior to the loan processes:

  • Know your credit score – This is not the main determination of approval for you loan; however, it can have a negative effect if your score is low.
  • Have your personal finances in order – No bankruptcies in the past seven years and personal bills paid on time.
  • Down payment cash – The down payment can come in several forms such as; personal cash, seller financing or cashing out equity in your personal property.  Most banks will require a 10% to 25% down payment.
  • Have realistic expectations on what the business and real estate is worth – Lenders do look at the value of the real estate; However they will determine the loan amount based off of the amount of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) or free cash flow the business has to pay back the loan.
  • Strong industry experience – This is a qualification that 90% or more of all banks look for.

Types of Loans Sourcing Available:

Why Use Johnson Consulting’s Business Loan Services?

Be prepared with a complete funeral home business loan submission package which will save you from being denied financing due to incomplete paperwork submission.

  • We submit to banks on a national level
  • Relationships with SBA lenders and cash flow based lenders
  • Experts in funeral business cash flow and current market values
  • Open and honest conversations at the start regarding the likelihood of receiving a loan under your circumstances
  • Experienced in underwriting multiple multi-million dollar funeral business loans for large lenders

If you have the desire to own a funeral home business, or are thinking about your retirement from the profession, we have the resources and the commitment, to help. Many members of the Johnson Consulting staff are also licensed funeral professionals and understand the importance of finding the right financing. We are here to help you through the entire process: From loan submission, to funding and all the way through to closing. Additionally, Johnson Consulting Group also has the tools to help you succeed.

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