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Georgia Funeral Home Operation

IN On 08-09-2019

Georgia Funeral Home Operation

Bill CutterThis business includes a full service funeral facility located in eastern Georgia, just south of the South Carolina border.  Historically performing 50-60 calls and generating revenues of approximately $260,000, this opportunity includes a 3,926 square foot building and 4,400 square foot parking lot, as well as, a 2,080 square foot duplex.  The name, phone number, PreNeed (approximately $90,000) and select FFE will also be included in a transaction.  This is an excellent opportunity for a Buyer to expand on an existing operation they may own in the area for additional locations, or for a Buyer who is looking to move in to this area and build and grow a new business and have all of the amenities in place to do so.  For more information, please contact Bill Cutter at 812-212-1002 or email at BCutter@johnsonconsulting.com.


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