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Deal Document Management Datasite

  • Johnson Consulting Group’s secure data management site used for Funeral Business (M&A) Marketing Packages and Due Diligence Document Exchange. Utilization of this site allows for secure handling of confidential materials and close monitoring of transaction activity. During due diligence, this site ensure accurate and timely communication with both parties regarding critical documents.
Funeral Accounting

Accounting and Management Client Reporting Datasite

  • Johnson Consulting Group’s secure datasite used for accounting client monthly reports and storage. This site is a component of our accounting and management client services. Through this site our clients can review documents quickly from anywhere with an internet connection. The site also allows for storage of documents on a limited basis so clients can review prior reports quickly.
Market Share

Market Share Datasite

  • Johnson Consulting Group’s automated business case count Market Share data entry and reporting site. Tracking market share is an important function at any funeral business, however tracking those results consistently can be difficult. This site is offered to our clients as an option to consistently track market share in a simple to use format that any of the staff can use.
Family Surveys

Customer Surveys & Sales Management System (JCGPerformanceTracker™)

  • Johnson Consulting Group’s web-based customer satisfaction survey and arranger sales analysis program. Each client family receives a customer survey constructed to gain specific feedback regarding the arranger, facility, service and many other aspects of the customer’s experience. The results of the program can be reviewed on a daily basis through customized online access and reports. They are reviewed by company, location, and each arranger and can quickly show areas that require improvement and training.
Family Surveys

JCG Client Funeral Home Management and Accounting Software Portal

  • This is Johnson Consulting Group's client web portal for our cloud computer servers and accounting service programs.
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