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Cemetery Business Services

Our mission at Johnson Consulting Group is to offer a complete listing of consulting services to help funeral home and cemetery professionals achieve optimum success no matter where they are in the business life cycle. Below is a listing of our services that we provide. We think you will find that these services accomplish that goal!

Click on any of the services below to learn more!

Cemetery Buying and Selling

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling a funeral business, having a partner on your side who knows the current funeral home business market is critical! This service, similar to that of a broker, is just what you need to ensure maximum value and success!

Cemetery Business Loans (Financing)

Getting a financial institution to understand the cash flow generated out of a funeral business to service debt can be tricky. Our expertise in educating lenders along with taking your request to multiple banks in our network, ensures the highest success possible!

Cemetery Valuations

Whether for succession planning or tax purposes, a business valuation is a critical component to knowing where you have been, where you are today, and where you are going. How many times do you look at your investments, as compared to tracking the value of your business on a regular basis? Get started on tracking your business’s value today.

Cemetery Accounting

If timely financial reporting, benchmarking and guidance for your funeral business is desired, there is no better place to look than our web-based accounting service tailored specifically for funeral businesses. Start getting timely and meaningful financials today!


(Funeral Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Sales Analysis)

To ensure continuous improvement and accountability, nothing is more important than ongoing family customer satisfaction surveys and sales analysis. There is no contract required for this program so you can start understanding your customers better today!



Cemetery Performance Improvement

Continual improvement should be practiced at any business. Johnson Consulting has created an offering of management tools to ensure continuous improvement in all areas of the business. Whether it’s Training, Performance Analysis, Incentive Compensation Plans, or Customized Management needs…we are here to help!


Cemetery Business Training Library

Continual Improvement in the areas of Workplace, Marketplace, Customer Service and Financial goals is critical to continued success. One way to accomplish this is through training and reinforcement. Johnson Consulting Group has one of the largest funeral business training libraries in the business! We also pride ourselves in customized training solutions to fit your needs.

Pre-Need Insurance Licensing Program

There are many keys to a successful Pre-Need insurance sales program. None are more important than finding the right people and then getting them licensed as soon as possible. Johnson Consulting Group has teamed up with a popular online insurance training company that offers low-cost online training with high success for passing your insurance exam the first time. Ensure success in getting your licensing completed quickly… sign up today!