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Tom JohnsonWelcome to the Johnson Consulting Group’s Management Insights newsletter. On a monthly basis our team will share their insights and experiences in Funeral and Cemetery management. Our goal is to provide valuable and useful information to our valued clients and friends.

We will also have an invited guest to share some thoughts and insights into their particular areas of expertise. Their recent articles will also be available on our new Company website.

In my now 32 years in funeral service, I have seen and experienced much change. , I have found with change comes challenge, but the exciting thing is with challenge comes great opportunities..

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

That’s one of the many things we do … providing innovative ways to convert seemingly impossible situations to great opportunities…

We hope you enjoy our newsletters and we are able to accomplish our goal.

Tom Johnson

Best Practices: Value DriversBrooks Cowles

We believe the merger and acquisitions market for funeral homes and cemeteries is characterized by good fundamentals at the time of this writing (January 2008), but with an uncertain future. For an owner considering whether this is the time to sell, or how to protect or enhance his value for a future sale, what can be done while waiting to see how the fundamentals unfold? The answer is Value Drivers.When offering a business for sale, Value Drivers are matters within the owner’s control that have the greatest impact on achieving premium value. Value Drivers are those matters that the owner can address at any time he chooses, good market or bad, that will always have a positive impact on business value. This article discusses some of the most effective Value Drivers in today’s M & A market for funeral homes and cemeteries. These include effective financial controls, a solid management team and management systems, and an appropriate legal and tax structure.

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D. Brooks Cowles, Jr.

Solutions to Common Problems: Relationship Marketing


Robin HeppellThe marketing thought leaders of today – Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott – both preach that to connect to today’s consumer, we have to turn away from “interruption marketing” and focus on the building of relationships. Relationship marketing is nothing new to funeral directors and cemeterians. We have woven ourselves into the fabric of our communities for generations. Whether it was through our churches, service clubs, or sports teams, we were shoulder to shoulder with other members of our community – building those relationships.

Today the problem is that we don’t always have time to belong to all of these activities and even if we do make time, others in the community are just as busy and may not be there for us to build those relationships with. We do have some resources available to help us build relationships via the Internet. Although the Internet is not meant to replace our physical presence in our communities, it does allow us to connect with those who are online themselves – just like you!

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Robin Heppell, CFSP

Exceeding Your Expectations:

“I’m very happy to say that the work that Johnson Consulting Group has just done for us was what I thought it would be. The finest work and expertise was what we got. They were asking all of the right questions about our company so we could get the answers we were looking for. I only have good things to report about my experience – it was 1st class. Thanks for everything.” – David Owen of Louisville, Kentucky

Experienced, professional, trustworthy, reliable, and good friends. The Johnson Consulting Group is representing the future of our company, and we are proud to have them on our side. The bottom line is we enjoy working with you all and feel very comfortable being represented by the best. – John Kepner of Wheeling, West Virgina

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We leave you with this quote from Abraham Maslow:

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

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