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Alabama Cemeteries (Total of 4)

IN On 08-09-2019

Alabama Cemeteries (Total of 4)

This opportunity includes four cemeteries located across central Alabama, north of Montgomery. The cemeteries range in size from 9 acres to 50 acres, each having sufficient land available for future sales and development. Combined interments for the four operations are approximately 230-240+/-, with combined revenues reflecting approximately $280,000+. Interments range from 25-35 per year at three of the cemeteries to 145 interments for the larger cemetery. Perpetual care funds will be included in a transfer (total of $2,060,000+/-). With a new owner securing required licensing (Certificate of Authority, etc.), the potential for implementing a PreNeed Sales program is only the beginning of building and growing these locations. For more information, please contact Karen McCurdy at 480/556-8519 or email at kmccurdy@johnsonconsulting.com.


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