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Most every family owned funeral home reaches a point in time when the owner generation needs a sound business plan to transfer the ownership to [...]

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Cemetery Sales Program

Increase sales at your cemeteryKick your cemetery sales program into high gear with the right manager and sales objectives!

Below is an explanation of how Johnson Consulting Group can help you accomplish your cemetery sales goals today.

  • Pre-Need Sales…This is the lifeblood of a cemetery operation!  If you are not replacing your At-Need clients with a high degree of Pre-Need customers, you are jeopardizing your business and leaving the door open for your competition!
  • We offer a comprehensive sales program that will produce new revenue and heritage. Our objective is to build a professional sales program and install sales leadership that will be turned over to you.  After the successful transition to you, our professional sales executives then monitor and guide the program to ensure continued success.
  • Our sales experience extends over many successful years and draws from proven sales leaders that are associated with Johnson Consulting Group.
  • Our sales team, led by Rich Sells, a proven sales and operations executive, can assist in developing sales and marketing programs as well as advise on cemetery development and operations.

For improved revenue and profits,
turn to Johnson Consulting Group’s sales division.

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