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    Jim Larkin says…

    IN Testimonials On 01-31-2018

         I started working at my hometown funeral home in high school in 1968 and first became an owner in 1972.   I have purchased 26 firms and started 5 in the years since, and originally worked with Johnson Consulting Group as a buyer on various firms.   As a buyer, it has always been a comfortable situation to work with Johnson Consulting Group because of their strong foundation of honesty.
    With the experience of having sold 13 of these firms on my own, I did not think I needed any help when I attempted to sell a prime combination location and another funeral home in 2009 … but I did and the sale fell apart.    Since then I have used
    Johnson Consulting Group to sell that combination and 7 other locations; all with excellent results.
    Working with David Adams on the last sale was a pleasure.   David took the work out of the sale for me and did an excellent job of communicating, solving problems, and achieving results far in excess of what I could have achieved.   As I continue to work towards my retirement, you can be assured I will be trusting David Adams at
    Johnson Consulting Group to represent me.


    Jim Larkin


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